Sunday, December 3, 2017

Why Big Guys Pizza Can Be Your Choice To Bring Holiday Cheers!

After working from home for almost 5 years, I realized that I'm missing something about having a physical office!  I missed those random Birthday Celebrations, Halloween Parties, Valentine's Day Celebration and of course, Christmas Parties!  

Food has always been the biggest happiness in any office and since I don't have one, I'm happy to bring cheer to someone elses' office --- Mr. AMW's!

How to make sure to fill-up at least 15 tummies?  Call on The Biggest Pizza in the Philippines!

I know some of you have heard about Big Guys Pizza!  And thankfully, the founder knew how it feels like to feed a handful of mouths so he decided to offer this HUGE pizza to serve all Filipino needs of gatherings and parties!

So perfect for Mr. AMW to welcome December with his colleagues and celebrate the end of the week with Big Guys Pizza's signature 36-inch pie that can feed up to 20 people and have at least 70+ slices in it. 

I was told by Mr. AMW that everyone had pizza for lunch and there were several slices left!  

From this...

To this!

Confused what to order?  You may try their Best-selling flavors include Big Guys Specialty (12 flavors divided into one 36” Pizza)., All Meat, Super Supreme, Italian Supreme and Big Gal.

Big Guys Pizza currently has 14 branches across Metro Manila and will soon expand all over the

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