Saturday, December 2, 2017

Madame Heng Soaps are now in the Philippines!

A lot of people shop whenever they go to Thailand.  I, on the other hand, prefer to immerse myself into their culture and actually like to talk to locals and do what locals do!  That includes trying out their bestselling products and even dine in non-touristy restaurants! 

Thai women are known to a more natural approach when it comes to skincare and I like that!  One brand that pops whenever I do research is called Madame Heng.

Madame Heng, is an all-natural facial wonder that has been around for more than half a century.  The popular Thai brand takes pride in their soaps, which are made from pure and natural ingredients, with different variants specializing in various skin needs. The meticulous attention to detail and passion for creating a natural and effective product has paved the way for the success of Madame Heng’s soaps, which started from humble beginnings.
Made by Heng Shui Hiu for the family's use, she later gave samples to her neighbors and the rest was history!  I'm glad I get to finally try these and feel like I am one of the lucky neighbor of Ms. Heng!

Enriched with active ingredients that carry out a specific action of preventing black spots, and reducing the existing ones caused by sun damage.

I gave this soap to Mr. AMW because he has oily skin and have pimples ever so often.  At first use, he said that he liked the feel of the soap, his skin isn't as oily yet it is non-drying!  After less than a week's usage, we can't tell if this is effective in keeping the skin pimple-free but the soap didn't break his skin out for sure!

With the Original formula of Madamn Heng, this soap helps preventing wrinkle, it also helps refreshing, firming and caring of the skin.

I used this soap once or twice a week as to prepare my skin for some changes in the regimen.  I used this midday after driving my son back from school and I like to "freshen up" and this does a job in keeping my skin smooth and hydrated without irritation. 

What I like about this soap is how emollient and smooth it is and I like how it smells really good!

Php520.00 for 3pcs.
 Fortified with natural Vitamin C and delicately selected natural herbs to make skin bright and supple.

I am honestly excited to try this soap but I have to use the Collagen first before trying out another one.  I have a feeling this variant is more perfect for my skin type because I have very dry skin and at times, I have dry and flaky patches! 

This comes in a cute square-ish shape and I also like the scent!  

There are other variants to try and all you need to do is read the description to know which ones are meant for your skin type/condition.

Other variants ---
  • NATURAL BALANCE COLOGNE SOAP - An herbal soap perfect for all skin types. It removes impurities and dead skin cells while deeply cleansing the skin.  It also has anti-oxidants and Vitamin C combine to enhance the growth of new skin cells, revealing a more even skin tone and younger natural glow.
  • NATURAL SPA CARE SOAP - Combines the properties of Japonica Herbs to provide a natural pH balance of your skin and retain its natural softness and radiance.  
  • OZZY ACNE CLEAR UP SOAP ORIGINAL FORMULA - Enriched with magical OZZY herbs that effectively deeply cleanse your skin while prevent growing bacteria. Also contains green tea extracts that protects and nourishes your skin, naturally derived glycolic acid and Willow Bark that extract reduces scarring from acne and helps unclog your pores, and nano vitamin C & E that helps making skin become smooth, shiny, and moist.   
  • NATURAL BALANCE VITAMIN E SOAP - Fortified with natural Vitamin E, chamomile, and natural herbs added to develop an extremely gentle formulation.   
  • HYALOE HYDROPOWER SOAP - A facial soap formulated with 2 key ingredients Hyaluronic Acid, which protects your skin against the damaging effects of dehydration by maintaining a healthy moisture level and Aloe Vera, which helps revive, stimulate, and return your facial skin to smooth glowing health.

Madame Heng is available at

Have you heard about this brand?
What's your skin condition? Which particular Madame Heng soap would you like to try?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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