Saturday, January 13, 2018

AskMeMom: Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I didn't enjoy Christmas as much as I did in the past years.  Why?  Kyle got really sick!  He had loose bowel movement and have been going to the toilet 7 times a day (minimum!) 

He was in pain and it was the worst feeling any parent would feel!  

After seeing blood in his stool, I got panic and had his stool tested right away!  Turned out, he has bacteria and possible Amoebiasis (that's according to his Pedia) so he ended up taking 2 different brands of Antibiotics for his whole Christmas Break.  (Super kawawa)

Just like any other moms, I felt bad.  I am a type of mom who wanted him to be a kid!  Let him run around freely on dirt, drink and eat anything his heart desires (as long as it is within his diet).  It was that week we go out a lot for Christmas gatherings and I remembered him drinking juices and water from restaurants.

As much as I wanted to be that "cool" mom who lets him enjoy childhood (and dirt), I guess we are at this moment of time that nothing is safe anymore.  Bacteria are wilder an stronger than over as compared to my childhood years!  So I am back to being vigilant especially with the water he drinks.  It's better safe than sorry! #LessonLearned

Before Christmas Break was over, I make sure to spend more quality and fun times with my son to make up for the lost break!  We head on to a nearby park and played his favorite game --- BUBBLES!

I was rushing so I didn't get the chance to prepare for his water, thankfully, I got a couple of Aquafina Purified drinking water sent to me by my friends in the industry.  I grabbed 2 bottles and head on to Blue Bay.  It was extremely HOT, Humid and Sunny!

Kyle got his favorite portion of Dairy Queen Vanilla Ice Cream, got thirsty and I gave Aquafina Purified Drinking Water a try.

Kyle is usually very picky with water, he likes it semi-cold and if it has a weird taste, he won't drink at all!  Imagine the happiness on my face when he drank almost half of this bottle!

I also gave this a try and true as Aquafina and Pia Wurtzbach's promise (kita ko poster niya sa EDSA eh), it is indeed purified water minus the Chrlorine-like taste.  It does not have the weird water taste and all I get is fresh tasting clean-water!  Tastes yummy even on room temperature!

So yes, more bonding time with my son without having to worry about the quality of water he drinks!  I'm a fan!  #NotSponsored

Aquafina Purified Drinking water is available in all leading supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide.
For more information, LIKE Aquafina PH on Facebook.

Have you tried this newest Drinking Water in Town?
What's your take?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Me ang my siblings have sensitive stomach. I'm extra careful with the water I drink and the best way to do when I'm out is to bring water from home. My mom never re use mineral bottle water because my brother and I got sick from it perhaps you can not really clean the bottle unlike the reusable type from known brands.

    1. My hubby has sensitive stomach kaya ayaw kong ganyan si Kyle :( But I made a mistake of letting him drink any water :( hayyy


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