Sunday, January 14, 2018

After 4 Years, We're Back at Denny's, in the Philippines!

Almost four years ago, we dined at Denny's San Francisco when Kyle was around 11 months old!  I won't forget that day because I was done with a Grand Event Launch and the dad and baby just woke up and we were all hungry so we head on to the nearest American Restaurant for comfort food and family bonding.

Fast forward to today, I've heard about the arrival of Denny's Restaurant but I never thought of getting in without my boys!  I guess, I'm just sentimental that way!  If ever I'll dine in this restaurant again, it'll be the 3 of us just to reminisce old times.

And the funny thing was, it had to be at Sta. Rosa, Laguna!  We had a short family staycation just before my year gets busier each week!

Upon checking out the menu, it was totally different from the ones I saw in the US, they added more Filipino Dishes and even Filipino Breakfast meals to cater the locals.  

I was craving for Waffle so I have to get this!

Belgian Waffle
I personally love waffle over pancakes!  It could be the shape or just the way it looks but I love them more.  Unfortunately, I find this Waffle to be over-toasted.  It almost has this burnt taste but thankfully, it can be covered by a hefty serving of Maple Syrup.

Chicken Cranberry Apple Salad
I am on the road to "trying to lose weight" (note on keyword: TRYING lol) so I've decided to go for leafy greens (aka Salads) and thankfully, this Chicken Cranberry Apple Salad satisfied my hunger!  The chicken is tasty, the Dried Cranberry gives a sweet taste while the nutty and crunchy walnut is a nice combination to the crunchy leafy greens too!  Love the honey balsamic vinaigrette!

Denny's Fried Chicken
Php325.00 for 3 pcs
Love the flavors but the gravy has too much pepper on it!  The chicken is flavorful and marinated pretty well, I love the crunchy exterior but again, I felt the gravy was overdone with the pepper!  I do not taste gravy but more of a pepper sauce.

Bourbon Ribs
Php475.00 A la Carte
Served with vegetables.  I felt this sight to be a bit sad as you get a HUGE heavy plate but ribs without much meat!  The vegetables could be improved too as they don't look as appetizing as we wanted. 

Note from author: Kenny Rogers and Racks still serve better Ribs in our humble opinion.

Overall, we love the ambiance, we love the service, I guess we didn't order the right food but that doesn't mean we'll ban this restaurant forever #lol We will definitely go back and try their other dishes!

Any other Denny's Food recommendation?

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!

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