Saturday, February 10, 2018

Something New: Good Virtues Co.

When I met up with my Sampleroom Family last year for Thanksgiving Party, I always ended up feeling joyours and happy not because it was the season but because for the fact that I am around gorgeous women who share the love for beauty like I do.  

We chat and catch up about our personal lives at the same time, share new beauty finds!  From Japanese Rice Cooker to kitchen scrub that really works *laughs*  we went back to being a Beauty Blogger when we were each given a Good Virtues Co. set to try.

Let's go beyond how cute their packaging are, the brand is from Malaysia and all the products are free from mineral oil, SLES, ALES, parabens, synthetic colourants and are NOT tested on animals!  

That is the focus of Good Virtues Co. --- feel and look beautiful without sacrificing our values.

The brand has full product range from hair care to skincare, I got 4 products to try and I took a leap on their shampoo and conditioner first.

a photo of Good Virtues Co. products review

Good Virtues Co. Happy & Heavenly Clarifying Hair & Scalp Shampoo for Oily Hair 
Good Virtues Co. Helpful & Delightful Anti-Dandruff Care Conditioner for Nourishing Hair Fall Protection 
Php160.00 each for 180ml

a photo of Good Virtues Co. products review

I personally do not have oily hair or scalp but I like to use Clarifying shampoos once in a while (alternating from my regular shampoo) just to remove heavy build-up from styling products.  The product doesn't dry out my scalp or hair so I'm unsure how users with really oily scalp will say, but I personally loved this product and how it doesn't make my hair tangle up from dryness.

As for the Conditioner, I like how lightweight it feels on my hair, I usually apply conditioner from mid-shaft of my hair down to the tips so I can't really tell how the anti-dandruff part would work!  But I'm happy with these 2 combination and I'm almost done with them!  

The scent is good, smells "natural" and fresh!  

Good Virtues Co. Glowing & Goodness Brightening Facial Cleanser (Php220.00)
Good Virtues Co. Radiant & Renewing Anti-Bacterial and Hydrating Shower Cream

a photo of Good Virtues Co. products review

I have tried the Shower Cream for 3x and I'm loving how hydrated my skin felt!  I don't use it as often as I alternate this with my body scrub as I need to exfoliate my skin to lessen dryness.  I like how this product can help hydrate the outer layer of my skin giving a nice glow.

As for the Facial Cleanser, I've read positive reviews on how this product can naturally strip off oil, dirt and makeup!  I am looking forward to try this once I'm done with my current facial wash!

Overall, I am happy there are more products that are natural and safe to the environment being distributed locally!  I love the packaging of Good Virtues Co. products and how I am assured that these are not tested on animals!

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  1. I would love to try these at products especially the hair care ones.

    1. Nice siya, been using them for a month na! :D Not bad :D


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