Sunday, February 11, 2018

Weekend Food Trip at : Gyu Kaku

So I kind off fell in love with Restaurant Booking Apps like Booky and Eatigo.  I am so addicted in searching good deals most of the restaurant I dine in have at least 10% discount just because I'm #tita like that.  

One restaurant I always see and pass by whenever I am at the Shangri-la Plaza Mall is called Gyu Kaku.  I've read positive reviews from Food Bloggers so I finally cave in and booked for the family on a Sunday night.

Assorted Mushrooms with Butter

This dish may look like something you wouldn't order because who would pay almost Php300.00 just for mushrooms?  Ahm... ME!

I do my groceries so I know the price I pay for these vegetables.  They are expensive so I don't mind paying for such because I was seriously craving for mushrooms and they are indeed WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY!

Cooked in a foil (I'm unsure how safe or unsafe this is but YOLO right? LOL), the mushrooms were cooked perfectly and has the right taste of butter and salt!  I'm not sure how delicious mushrooms are with just butter but this seriously rock!  I can eat a whole bowl of rice with this!

Chicken Katsudon
A bowl of rice topped with deep fried chicken cutlet 
covered with egg, vegetables and special sauce.

When they say special sauce, for once, I agree because the sauce drizzled on rice is just so perfect - right salty and sweet combination and the Chicken Cutlet doesn't taste a day old!  It is tender and flavorful even my son agrees!

Now let's talk about the meat!  I gave Pork, Chicken and Beef a try!
All their grill dishes can be served with different flavors, choose from 
Tare, Shio, Miso, Spicy Miso, Teriyaki, Garlic, Basil

Buta Karubi
Large Php245.00

Cooked Buta Kurabi
This tastes like bacon minus the saltiness or processed taste.  The pork is thinly slice with half fat to it thus making this dish super flavorful!  The burnt edges made this dish so wonderful I ended up eating the fat --- even if I'm not a fan of that!

Chicken Thigh Fillet
Large Php175.00

Cooked Chicken Thigh Fillet
This dish would be perfect if we asked for Teriyaki sauce!  But we opted for Tare which has a hint of saltiness and that's it!

Harami- USA
Large Php395.00

Favorite among Japanese Ladies for low fat content.
We asked the server to pick any marinate that would work well or is saleable and we are very happy with it! (Cooked photo on first photo above)

And of course, a feast is not a feast without rice!  I love how Gyu Kaku made rice eating even more FUN!  The choices are really unique and I'm loving how they offer Bibimbap!

Ishiyaki Bibimbab
Large with egg Php365.00
Rice, minced chicken, seasoned vegetables, topped with shredded dry seaweed
 and sesame seeds served in sizzling hot stone bowl.

I am in LOVE with this dish, need I say more?

Ishiyaki Mentaiko
Rice, salmon, cod roe and greens topped with shredded dry seaweed 
and sesame seeds served in hot stone bowl.

The salmon, cod roe pieces are super small so you really don't feel any of their texture but you can definitely taste it!  A very subtle flavor that works with the meat we ordered!

I am very impressed with the food they serve and how helpful the servers are!  The ambiance is family friendly and I will definitely go back!

Any other restaurant/food recommendation you want AMW family to try?

Gyu-KakuShangri-la Plaza Mall, East Wing, Shaw BlvdWack Wack, Mandaluyong(02) 631-7243
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