Saturday, March 31, 2018

AMW Workshop Series Part 8: I Woke Up Like This

3 Years Ago, I prayed for my own workshop.  A venue were makeup and skincare enthusiasts bond together with good food, great lessons, beauty session and a whole lot of make up and skincare items!  

Who would've thought this will be my 8th workshop?  I am so amazed by how God works in mysterious ways!  I love how he made me an instrument in making girls feel beautiful in and out! 

AMW Workshop Series Part 8 is called I Woke Up Like This.  This is to jumpstart year 2018 with having more time to reach our goals while looking good!  As requested by many of you, I've created a short course on how to create simple, natural, yet effective-looking makeup that helps enhance your natural beauty in the shortest time possible!  

And this photo speaks: "We All Woke Up Like This"!  
I love everyone's makeovers!

Firstly, as always, I want to thank our dear sponsors who generously share their wonderful makeup products.  ALL makeups used by participants during that day are from these wonderful sponsors!

If you don't believe me, you better look at this traincase-full of items!  All AMW Workshoppers get to take home everything you see in the photo below (except makeup traincase)

The Set Up

One of our major sponsor also put up a huge poster of the CC Series.  Check out their lovely endorser!  :P

Girlstuff/Solique Gel Polish as always sent 2 wonderful Nail Artists (Tin and Melai) thank you so much for doing the nails of our participants PLUS helping out pa in so many other ways!  I love how knowledgeable they are with the shades and even nail art suggestions!

Because Nail Art Revive is my favorite and my nails are brittle as Peanut Brittle *lol*, I actually was confident enough to have my nails done eventhough I knew in less than an hour, participants are starting to come in!

Just so you know, all Girlstuff and Solique polishes are quick drying and are high shine and highly pigmented.  You get bottle-to-nail shade in just a single swipe!  Tried and tested siya!

Upon registration, all the participants get to choose their Bread of Choice.  Thank you Boulangerie22 for feeding our guests! 

I Woke Up Like This workshop started with skincare talk, a whole lot of tips on how to quickly conceal problematic areas.

Each of the participant gets the same items mentioned above and they are challenged to do their own makeup after a demo for 30 minutes!  Top 3 winners get to take home prizes!

I love how these girls can multi-task.
They chitchat, they take photos, they put on makeup and chitchat more!

All the participants are well-fed too!  I made sure they all have food because seriously, how can you look beautiful when you're hungry?

Laughter here and there and a whole lot of pressure!  I love how they ask a lot of questions and how engaging this group was.

Of course, I'm always free at their disposal to answer their questions or ask help whenever they needed one.

The participants are mostly comfortable in putting up makeup on themselves, one major issue they have are eyeshadow application and of course, brows!

I know 2 hours is not enough to tackle everything but I did my best sharing everything I know when it comes to creating quick, easy and effective makeover to be done on a daily basis!  Seriously, if you can do your full face makeup in just 10-15 minutes or less, you have more bonding time with your loved ones and maybe more time to sleep!  

Again, thank you so much sponsors!  I can't wait to do my 9th workshop mid-year!

Which particular makeup topic would you like me to offer on my next session?
Feel free to message me or comment here because I LISTEN!

Thanks to all attendees, I love how some are repeaters for 3-4 times!  I love you girls!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. How about make up for cooler and wet months? My skin is kind of transitioning from oily to combination during "ber" and rainy months.

    1. I'll keep that in mind :D Thanks

    2. pero that is close to Waterproof makeup that I did na hahaha nauubusan na ako ng topic! hahahah

  2. Patiently waiting for the next workshop. :)


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