Sunday, April 1, 2018

Kenji Tei, Lucky Chinatown

Whenever I'm tired, I always request for Ramen Dish, Ramen is my comfort food, it hugs my soul and it gives me that soothing sensation.  

Yes, Ramen gives me that :P

So after a full day of work and down with cough and colds, I invited my family to join me at Kenji Tei, Lucky Chinatown Branch.  Mr. AMW and I were discussing on whether we tried this restaurant before or not.  Thank God for AMW posts, I was able to track back our first Kenji Tei experience which was at Greenbelt branch year 2012.

So obviously, I forgot how their food tastes like but I don't mind dining again because I was craving for Ramen and there are only a few Japanese Restaurants at Lucky Chinatown.

Chashu Miso Ramen

I still have my heart on another ramen brand but this one isn't bad!  The broth is extremely flavorful (not really thick but just right) and the noodles is al dente.  I love the Chashu because it has the perfect amount of lean meat and fat making it extremely tender.

Mabo Tofu Ramen

Shoyu based ramen topped with Mapo Tofu.  Imagine you are eating Mapo Tofu dish and you dump it on your ramen dish!  A bit spicy, not too much, just right!  Definitely a unique way to enjoy your Ramen.

Hubby had this dish and he loved it!  The dish is fresh and full of flavors, it's a taste of sea in a bento!

Chicken and egg bowl and this is by far the best Oyakodon I've tried not because they are separately served from the rice but because the sauce itself is relaly delicious!  Not too salty or bland, the flavor is just right! It doesn't hurt that the chicken bits are tender and flavorful too!

And of course, every dining experience will always be great if I have this little boy beside me!

Have you tried Kenji Tei?
Do you have other favorite dish from there that you highly recommend?

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!

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