Wednesday, May 23, 2018

My First Son&Park Eyeshadow Palette + Look

Do you like this look?
It's super quick and easy-to-do but this is my favorite look created using my first Son&Park product.  To those who aren't familiar with the brand, I did some research for you...
The creators of Son & Park are two celebrity makeup artists best known for popularizing the dewy no-makeup makeup look in Korea. With artistry at the heart of their brand, their line of cosmetics is high quality and reinforces simplicity.

I got the All That Smoky Kit through one of those Althea Boxes, the palette caught my attention that's why I chose that box!

Housed in a sleek, matte eyeshadow palette packaging.  I actually fell in love with the simple, magnetic-type packaging.  Something I wish most makeup companies would do because I like to pile them nicely and neatly inside my makeup kit.

Check out the shades! 

Aren't these lovely?

I favored the 2nd taupe-y shade that's why I picked this palette and box more than anything else.  Unfortunately, the first half of the palette was a bit of a let-down in terms of pigmentation.  I know Koreans are into natural-glow but I wish they could be more pigmented especially the 2nd shade!

The fourth and fifth shades are winners in my dictionary, the matte black one is a bit chalky for my taste so you have to be careful in application.

Product description in Korean Language.

Even if the 2nd shade isn't as pigmented as expected, I still favor it over all the other shades and use it highly to contour my eye area and nose bridge.  I only need to use a good animal-hair brush and apply more to create the depth I want.

In defense naman, the color is GORGEOUS!

Using the fifth shade (silver gray shade), I use it to deepen the crease area as shown on photo below lightly sweeping it to blur out harsh edges.

This look I would do for brides on their wedding day.  Very subtle yet extremely flattering and natural.

Using the sponge tip applicator that comes with the palette, I apply the matte black eyeshadow to create "shadow" and to create depth and make my eyes look bigger.

Finish off with your choice of liner and mascara and you're ready to face the world with a fresh-look!

Son&Park All That Smoky Kit may not be the best kit I have but I'm glad to make this palette work!  Thankfully, they come with shades that work for all skin tone and I can create various looks with them.

How do you like the look?

You may shop Son&Park products at Althea.

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