Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dressing Up My Style

One thing for sure, I am NOT a fashionista.
I don't go by trend but if the trend is something I'm comfortable with (Hello Off Shoulders!)  I would wear them like no tomorrow!

My style has always been girly, frilly and all-things sweet and nice.  Even my close friends and family can tell: "That's  a Nikki-Outfit!"  

A Nikki-Outfit will always be loose, does not hug all the bumps and flabs instead, it covers and makes me feel like I can even join you in a buffet table! 

But that does not stop me from looking made-up, confident and good.  Because wearing nice clothes does not need you to be in a particular shape or size....

I used to be a size 4, size 6 then size 14.  I went through my slimmest stage of 104 pounds up to the heaviest of 145lbs (I wasn't blogging back then!), I am not at my best weight at the moment but one thing I'm positive of, I keep myself healthy by eating right, walking and running as much as I could and of course, I wear that huge smile to distract people from my flaws.

Because nobody is perfect!

So for this rare instance, I'm sharing one of my favorite Nikki-Outfit post which I wore during our Facebook Live event at Eastwood Mall a couple of weeks back!  Only half of my body was shown during the FB Live session and someone messaged me and asked me where I bought my TOP so I've decided to showcase this dress in its' full glory :D  Because I'd wear this over and over again!

One advice I would give?  Know your flows, hide what needs to be hidden and in that case, it's my tummy!  So this frilly and soft dress hid my tummy at the same time, the "V" gives an illusion of a slimmer looking "center" - pertaining to my flabs.

Since it is not a super formal event, I went for a simple pair of block-heeled shoes because it is super comfortable to walk around with!  If I plan to "up" my look, I may change my shoes into a close-toed heeled shoes maybe in GOLD or Silver (depending on what my accessories will be) and Tie my hair up and change my makeup to make it look more formal!

At the end of the day, invest on clothing you know you can wear a couple of times!  Best if both can be worn on casual and formal events!  I can even add up a blazer if I plan to wear this on meetings and maybe wear a simple pony-tail to go with it.

Clothing is just like makeup, you can wear them in several ways to fit the occasion.

This, my friend is one of my MANY Nikki-Outfit looks!
Let me know if you want me to showcase more!

Happy Tuesday!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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