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Palladio Rice Powder Review

Palladio Rice Powder has been around for years, it is said to be the best and most natural-way to set and prolong your makeup even on humid days.

PERFECT right?  As the weather now gets crazier each day even I am starting to oil up considering I have dry/normal skin!  So girls with oily skin, I HEAR YOUR WOES!

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Rice Powder has been used for generations and is known for its oil-absorbing properties. Also known for its ability to help makeup last longer, Rice Powder leaves a silky finish on the skin. 
Product description and how to apply, ingredients details at the back of the packaging.
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The packaging is similar other loose powder packaging, comes with a "sifter lid" and a puff, the only concern I have is that you cannot close the packaging tight!  If you plan to travel with this, it is best to tie it with a rubber band just to be sure!

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I actually use the sponge that comes with the product and find it soft and easy-to-wash and use.

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The sifter is a bit messy (like any loose powder packaging) so be careful.  I like it that the product comes in shade choices so you don't get just a plain white powder!

The powder itself is finely milled and felt satin-y on skin.  It is luxurious and very lightweight and I actually like how it can brighten up my look and create flawless-looking skin.

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I like to set the areas where I used concealer with the powder puff and use a big brush for the rest of my face to prevent product from caking up.

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AMW says ---

  • Not tested on animals, great news for me.
  • The product is smooth and silky to touch.
  • Creates a flawless-looking skin without looking cakey or fake.
  • Makeup lasts longer, approximately 2-3 hours longer depending how much you apply.
  • Lessen the look of big pores and lines.
  • Can keep any makeup matte-looking.
  • Best used as a setting powder as it does not pile up or give white cast.

A bit tip from your friendly AMW neighborhood, it is VERY important to remove oil and dirt by patting your face with either an oil-control blotter or clean tissue paper before using the Palladio Rice Powder --- the product will cake on you if you keep on piling without making sure your base makeup is even and dry.

Once set properly, you don't have to keep on retouching the rest of the day, all you need to do maybe is just use a bit brush and gently brush powder on areas that tend to oil-up more!

Palladio Rice Powder is priced locally at Php400.00.  For more information, LIKE Palladio Philippines on Facebook, follow them on Instagam.

Have you tried Palladio Rice Powder?
Would you change your press powder and use loose rice powder instead?

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  1. It seems very good but the longevity is kind of short.
    Thanks for the honest review!

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  2. This is good for everyday use but I tend to veer away from this when I know that I'll be taking pictures of myself I have the tendency to pile on powder lol.


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