Sunday, May 6, 2018

Weekend Food Trip at: Bari Uma Jr.

How's your weekend so far?
My son has been feeling extra trying out glasses in an eye store just because --- Mana siya sa akin! hahaha  Ang arte!

But anyway, I love weekends because I get to spend time with my family!  I see to it that no matter how busy my schedule gets, I give extra amount of time for my family, my husband's family then OUR OWN FAMILY!  

You can do it naman as long as you manage your time properly!

As always, our way of family bonding will always include FOOD!  As my son visits his favorite Booksale, National Bookstore (in that order), his 3rd schedule would be --- "Restaurant".  And we saw a  new restaurant at the 3rd level of SM San Lazaro called Bari Uma Jr.  

Don't ask me about the name, I can NEVER memorize it!  Thankfully they have the restaurant name printed on the bowl! (Cheating ako each time I type the restaurant name!)

Ramen has always been my comfort food of choice!  So, we gotta try them right?

Pork-flavored soup with thick-cut chasu and egg

Pork Flavored spicy soup with thick-cut chasu and flavored egg.

Pork Flavored garlic soup with thick cut chasu and flavored egg.

I've decided to combine all 3 types of Ramen in 1 review.  They all come from a pork flavored soup which is really tasty and flavorful.  It is greasier than other Ramen restaurants I've tried but I don't mind for once in a blue moon!

The noodles is "al dente", if you like soft noodles, this may not be your thing but I like it a lot!  They don't taste like instant noodles you get in packs!

Now, the Chasu is a different story, it is one of the BEST tasting Chasu I've tried and I've tried a lot!  BUT, I have a huge complaint on the SM San Lazaro Branch!  Our piece was almost non-existent!  a quarter of the meat consist of fat and we actually saw our next table customer who got a HUGE piece! 

Mr. AMW originally ordered Chasu-Ramen which consists of 5 piece Chasu meat, the waitress advised hubby that they can't serve it as there are a few Chasu Pieces left and they wanted to serve other customers!  That was only 7:30pm!  Since we don't want any issues, we just agreed but it was a HUGE surprise to see customers at 8:30pm eating a huge piece of Chasu meat :(

That's a huge let-down!

Now on to the rice dish, as expected in Ramen Restaurants, rice dishes aren't priority so don't expect a huge bowl of rice! 

Takikomi-Fried Pork Rice
A thinkly sliced fried pork /pork chop and you get a dressing with it.  The rice is fried rice which tastes really good.  But another let-down is that, the second order, we were given plain rice as they ran out of fried rice.

Service at SM San Lazaro branch wasn't as great as well and we're not the type of customers who get irked right away!  So when I say they need improvement on their service, I really mean it!

Overall, we will return because food tastes great but we hope for better service!

Have you tried Bari Uma Jr.?
Will you go back to a restaurant that does not give good service?

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!

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