Monday, May 7, 2018

Pinkies Collection Lipstick - My First!

I can' believe I'm wearing such shade which used to be my mom's 90's lipstick!  I call this a "mature" lip color and ... "OO NA!" Mature ako but seriously, why am I wearing such shade?

I dislike the shade the moment I saw it on tube.  I dislike it even more when I wore it, but why do I think I look good on photo? 

Is it just me?  Or do you think I look fine?

I saw this inside my lipstick basket and I'm not sure how I got it but I think it's from SM Beauty Section!  You know how they cater so many brands I can't keep track!  The Pinkies Collection (PC) - I'm unsure of where they are originated, most probably manufactured in China but I don't mind as long as they pass the QA/QC tests!

Housed in a "MAC-lipstick like" packaging, it has a baby pink logo printed so you'll know it's not MAC! *lol*

The brand, of course, have a lot of shades to offer when it comes to lipstick but of course, I ended up wearing something I don't usually own or purchase!  

Shade names are like serial number *laughs* SLP-01, I'll call this a Mauve shade!

Of course the brand has different line of lipsticks - from mattes to liquid mattes and a whole lot more!  I think they are more known for their matte lipsticks (housed in a baby pink packaging), I'll give it a look next time when I visit their counters!

Swatch: SLP-01
True to the tube to swatch color.  I am actually impressed you get this pigmentation in just a single swipe!  Looking closely, there are small silver sparkles which actually stays on your lips.

Because of the tiny sparkles, it actually made my lips look healthier and shinier.  In fairness to the product, it does not enhance dry patches on my lips and I actually can get away not wearing any lip balm underneath.

Because it isn't matte, my lips felt comfortable the whole day!

Overall, I am starting to like how it looks on my lips, I still can't get over the "Tita" Color but I'm definitely checking out other shades!

How do you like my "tita-colored" lipstick?
Does it work for me?

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. It's a nice shade but i think it doesn't make you look blooming.

    1. hahaha ang cute mo! kelangang blooming? hahaha I agree with you, the shade and finish is talagang not my taste talaga :D

  2. It looks good on you, Ms. Nikki. Ganda ng kuha mo sa second to the last photo. Ngayon ko lang nakita yang ganyang brand ng lipstick.

    1. awww thanks for appreciating! It takes time to get used to it but oo, ako din! recently ko lang nalaman the brand sa Watsons ko nakita :D

  3. Your lips looks so plump and healthy though, I do not like it on you or I'm not used to these kind of finish on you

    1. Thanks for your honest opinion, I dont' feel confident with the finish too but hey , we gotta try them right? :D


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