Tuesday, May 8, 2018

My Facial Care Centre Honey Almond Facial Experience

If you check out my previous Blog Posts, there are only a "few" facial services that I've tried.  I try to keep it as minimum as possible because I have sensitive skin and you guys know how difficult it is for my skin to "accept" new products.  

But, after a stressful month (May, please be extra good to me!), I realized that my skin was put into test!  Uneven spots are showing like redness on key areas of my face, small pimples are starting to show up from stress and bangs!  And most of all, can you see that uneven spots on my cheek even with makeup on?

I knew in my heart I'm not getting any younger, I need extra help and relaxation as well (a.k.a. Me Time!)  So I did some research on Facial Care Centre's services and decided to have them take care of my skin!

I've read and heard a couple of good reviews from fellow Beauty Blogging Friends --- Angela of LushAngel.com raved about their services so I'm more secured to visit their BGC Branch last week.

I have to admit, I was extremely nervous, especially on one-on-one consultations!  I always felt like it wasn't consultation but more of sales-talk!  But with Facial Care Centre, it is indeed a personal consultation.

The Doctor takes time to listen to your skin issues and when I told her about my fear on peels, she promised me that we will start with something very gentle and safe.  Indeed, they will develop personalized skin care program based on individual's skin concerns --- Thank you for that!

Each customer gets a private room.  I appreciate the No Tipping Policy too!
I have always been a "tipping-kind-of-girl" as I also work in the service industry, but I nod my head with agreement when I read this letter!

True enough, if you appreciate and enjoy the service a lot, the best way to give back is to return!  Galing!

So back to the room, I also like that there is a full mirror, a locker which I can keep my belongings!  That is enough peace of mind I'm looking for!

The Doctor introduced me to their most basic facial treatment called Honey and Almond.  The procedure started with Ms. Vanessa, the therapist, cleansing my face with soap and warm water.  Toning was done and Vanessa always assured me of the next step, and since she knew I have sensitive skin, at some point, she would read the ingredients for me!  

After Toning, gentle exfoliation was the next step.  It was done in a soft massaging motion and thankfully, there wasn't any pain or discomfort.

Steam, my favorite, is the next process.  For 15 minutes, my face was steamed for it to be ready for extraction.

I was screaming inside, nearly chickening-out!  I don't have anywhere else to go but my mom's place after this treatment but still, I don't like to go out with red dots on my face!

But since it was a challenge I have to face, I just requested Ms. Vanessa to touch those huge ones and leave the rest behind.  She acknowledged my fear and actually did the most painless extraction in my life!  I mean, I have high tolerance to pain but this was really pain-free!

After extraction, LaserTone is the next step!  This is the secret in "healing" your skin after extraction, calming it so you won't go out with red skin.  Aside from that, the LaserTone is a tool to help improve skin texture and speeds up wound/soft tissue healing!  I also like the fact that this tool can prevent the onset of aging signs!

Verdict?  Relaxing tool and pain-free!

Last step is the face mask.  This was applied all over my face to hydrate my skin.  The scent reminded me of the "ocean" and it is indeed a mask made with seaweed!  This was done for around 15 minutes and this is also the best time to take a nap!

Afterwards, they apply a good amount of sunscreen so be ready to head out with a bit lighter toned face!  You can actually apply a bit of face powder if you want but I was confident enough to walk out of the center bare faced!

So what happened the next day and days after?  Thankfully, I did not suffer any allergic reactions which is a GREAT news for me!  Aside from that, the pimples that were starting to pop out are gone!  But of course, my pimples are small, if you did extraction on bigger pimples, the healing time may take longer.

My skin felt a bit tighter than usual the next day (Probably from LaserTone treatment), but with the help of moisturizer, everything was normal and my skin was happy as ever.

I can't talk about other benefits like anti-aging , etc... as it was just my first ever treatment.  I will definitely go back to try out their other services as I am surprised how WIDE the range of services they offer!  They even have facials for Pregnant Mommas!

The whole Honey and Almond Facial + LaserTone costs around Php3,000+ per treatment but as soon as I checked out their FB page, they actually have a promo!   For more information, visit https://www.facialcarecentre.com.ph and don't forget to LIKE their FB Page You may call Call 892-SKIN (7546).

Have you tried Facial Care Centre's services?
What's your favorite facial treatment?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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