Sunday, May 20, 2018

Weekend Food Trip at: Ichiba Japanese Market, Newport Mall

I think the last time I visited Resort's World was pre-Kyle days!  Oh my, that was more than 5 years ago!

So I was there for an event at Jo  Malone London for Mother's Day, it was a weekend so I've decided to take my family with me to spend dinner.  Pre-Mother's Day celebration.

Found a new restaurant called Ichiba Japanese Market and the interior itself grabbed my attention.  I felt like I'm transported to Japan!

Though almost full with hungry customers, I'm glad the place is huge enough to cater groups yet you don't feel the "crowd".  You have your own space and area so it was a perfect place even with kids around!

First order of business, I'm craving for "rolls" so I asked for the Crunchiest of them all!  The server recommended Ichiba Roll (Php285.00) which is a roll with tempura, tamago, mango, crabstick salad and crunchy salmon skin!  I definitely got the crunch I was craving for!

Next was Mr. AMW's craving.  He was craving for Yakitori and we got a set that is perfect enough for those who do not like to make choices!

There's Quail Egg, Pork Belly, Chicken and Beef Cubes!  ALL YUMMY!  The teriyaki sauce made the cut! 

Now let's talk about Ramen.  We ordered Ramen Set with Chahan (Php350.00).
You get a half full bowl which I think wasn't enough but because of the rich taste of the soup, it is indeed very filling!  As for the taste, I have other favorites but this isn't bad at all!

Then there's GYOZA (Php135.00 for 6pcs).  Not the usual Gyoza you get that is small and tasteless.  This one you can eat even without soy sauce!  It is very tasty and yummy!

Happy Mommy and Happy Kid!

I had so much fun spending Mother's Day with my family!
Thanks Mr. AMW for always indulging me!

Any other restaurants you would recommend at Newport Mall?

Ichiba Japanese Market
2nd Floor Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila
Tel. no.: (632) 865-6859
Mobile No.: (0917) 732-2176

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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