Saturday, May 19, 2018

Be Bold and Beautiful, Yes You Can!

I always get asked about my brows, I get compliments about my brows more than anything else!  I don't mind, I love them, because I take care of them by having them waxed at Benefit's Brow Bar at least once every 2 months or so.

How much is it?  Php700.00, yes pricey to some but if you know that brands such as Benefit is giving back, you wouldn't mind spending that Php700.00 because, the Benefit Bold is Beautiful Project is Back!

This May, 100% of the proceeds of their brow waxing services will go to their local charity partner Mano Amiga, a private, non-profit organization that provides affordable, innovative quality international education to children from low income families.  

This year is their 2nd year and last year, Benefit was able to wax over 2,000 apirs of brows and they were able to donate close to 1.5 Million Pesos!  Imagine that?  We get beautiful yet we get to support other people....

And I love Benefit's Mantra....

For 2018, Benefit is hoping to continue empowering the lives of the Mano Amiga students!  Your Php700.00 goes to the tuition of Mano Amiga Academy Students and our goal this year is 3,300 brow waxes to help 30 students complete their education!

If you want to support #BoldIsBeautiful project and #Be100Percent , have your brows waxed at Benefit Brow Bar near you and please share this post!

Because sharing is caring!
And Caring is Giving, doesn't have to be monetary, but it can be time and effort!

Thanks Benefit PH for this and I will forever support your causes!

Have you tried Brow Waxing at Benefit Brow Bars?
They have been waxing my brows since they arrived in the Philippines!  

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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