Thursday, June 21, 2018

A Blush That Keeps You GLOWing!

How do you keep glowing?
By using glowing face products especially BLUSH!

I used to create such a nice base --- glowing base!  But whenever I pat on my Blush Powder, everything turned MATTE!  All the efforts went down the drain!

Thankfully, I was once invited for a workshop at Inglot SM Megamall, because of that, I was able to use the underrated Inglot AMC Face Blush - I used it so many times on different attendees and I was amazed on the effect I had to purchase one before I left the store!

It was that POWERFUL!  And the purchase didn't fail me, look at the gorgeous shade on my cheeks!

a photo of Inglot AMC Face Blush Nikki Tiu

Inglot AMC Face Blush
A talc-free blush formula with treated pigments provides sheer yet intense color. Perfect for dry skin, the product is also longwearing. Creamy formula allows easy application and blending.

a photo of Inglot AMC Face Blush shade 95

I got the shade 95 which I personally think works for ALL skin tone!  It has a peach pink shade that is a hybrid between pink and peach blush - you definitely get the best of both worlds in this shade!

a photo of Inglot AMC Face Blush Review shade 95

Blended Shade 95

a photo of Inglot AMC Face Blush Review shade 95

Because it is liquid, it is easy to blend and pat the product INTO the skin.  This product is said to work for Dry skin but since it dries off pretty well, this would work for oily skin as long as you dusk a bit of powder on top of it.  Don't worry, the glow will still be there!

a photo of Inglot AMC Face Blush Review shade 95

Before and After

before and after photo of Inglot AMC Face Blush Review

The product is extremely easy to work with.  I don't need to rush as it doesn't dry out quickly and it does not cling on to dry patches around my skin. Instead, it felt like a tinted moisturizer that I can freely work with using either my clean fingers or even a brush!

This gave me the glow I want and look at how it glows even when set with a translucent powder!  You can, of course, pat a powder blush of similar shade if you wanted a matte finish or you want your blush to stay longer.

Although, this liquid blush itself is long-wearing!

a photo of Inglot AMC Face Blush Review by Nikki Tiu

Overall, this is one of the liquid blush I've been picking every now and then.  Whenever I wear this, I get compliments on how fresh my skin looks.  Check out Inglot AMC Face Blush as they have a lot of shade choices, a little goes a long way so one bottle is truly enough to last you at least a year of "cheeks greatness".

a photo of Inglot AMC Face Blush Review by Nikki Tiu

How do you find Inglot AMC Face Blush on me?

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