Friday, June 8, 2018

My Marie France FMS Elite and Physique Experience

More than 15 years ago, when I came back from my 3.5 years stint working in China, I was this 145 pounder girl looking for a job and was teased by friends and relatives on how "chunky" I look.  

"Did you eat a lot of HotPot in China?"

"Was it because of the cold weather in China?  You got bloated?"

I just shrugged all the comments off and smiled and gave them my funny replies!  But in my heart, I was sad, I've done my part going to the gym 5 times a week and doing at-home Tae Bo and Zumba videos.  I've even done crazy diets from juicing to 6 o'clock diets.  

I even went to Marie France and had myself assessed.  I was THISCLOSE to giving out my credit card enrolling myself for personalized treatments but everything was put on HOLD when my mom got sick and my focus was to take care of her.

Then LIFE happens, after my mom got well, I got pregnant and the rest was history!  Fellow working moms would totally understand how taking care of oneself is the least priority when you turn into a mom!  

Not until this year, when I tried to fit into my favorite dress seeing my bulging tummy on the reflection, I knew I have to do something. With a little push from Mr. AMW too, I finally went back to Marie France this time with conviction.

I have shared this on #AMWIgstories so many times, I don't eat a lot!  I go to a lot of restaurants with the family but I can actually control the food I eat.  My only problem is that, I drink a lot of coffee and although I recently shifted to black coffee with skimmed milk minus the sugar, the extra weight has already been "settled".  

Why not exercise?  I don't have nearby gyms to go to, my schedule is booked from taking my son to and from school, meetings and visiting my mom and dad, the only exercise I can do at home are brisk waking at night and some sit-ups.

I only need a little bit more help of the last 5-8 pounds and I think I needed a bit of a jumpstart from Marie France!  

Starting Weight: 122lbs
My ideal weight is 112-115lbs

So I did Fat Mobilization System again after so many years.  I've tried it once a couple of years ago during a media launch but I got scared of the crazy old feeling I never returned.  Thankfully, with the continuous search of Marie France for comfortable treatments, they finally upgraded to FMS Elite.
First developed in Switzerland and consistently proven effective for over four decades, FMS burns fat through the process of thermogenesis. It naturally stimulates the body to produce heat energy, thereby inducing the burning of calories. This technology is only being offered at the most trusted general weight-loss clinic in the Philippines – Marie France.Its latest and upgraded version, the FMS Elite, is proven to deliver an average of half a pound of fat-loss per session, or 1 to 2 lbs. weight-loss per week consistently. A 30-minute session kickstarts the burning of fat that lasts for 24 to 48 hours. Burning as much as 2,000 calories, it is undoubtedly one of the best general weight-loss treatments and won’t leave you feeling hungry.

Please watch the video on my first treatment.

My first treatment, I only requested to have my tummy treated but after consultation with the doctor, I realized that the whole body wrap including the legs are needed to make the treatment more effective.  

Before, they used a "body wrap" almost like that of a gauze so I felt uncomfortable, this time, FMS Elite uses a thick mat wrapped around your tummy area and legs.  This cold wrap will accelerate the body's natural processes altering the temperature and structure of stored boy fat which will result to more calorie-burning.  The 30-minute treatment can burn up to 2,000 calories.  I was told the body will continue to burn calories even after the treatment.

I didn't believe it at first but a week after I returned and got weighed again, I was shocked when the staff told me I was 120lbs, so that's 2 lbs lost from the first treatment in just a week and I was eating and drinking regularly!  (Sorry I didn't bring my phone with me during the 2nd weighing!)

Now for the second treatment, I added Physique Inch-Loss ---

Belly fat? Muffin top? Bra bulge? Get the effect of 225 sit-ups in 15 minutes with Physique Inch-Loss. It builds and strengthens muscles in the abdomen, flanks, and back as it tones and firms up the skin using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) technology. It simulates the effect of physical exercise, delivering results as you comfortably lie down.
This was the machine used and the pads were attached to key areas like my midsection, buttocks, arms or in YOUR case, any area that requires toning and improving.

So I was laying down for a good 15 minutes strapped like so, the Therapist will check with you if you can manage the discomfort.  There are a lot of vibrating and movement, I literally felt like I'm doing the workout laying down!

Is it really painful?  Definitely not!  I do feel a bit of soreness of muscles the next day like you literally went to a gym!

Check out my video on FMS Elite and Physique on my 2nd visit!

Overall, I don't have high expectation in weight loss because I only visited the Center twice this month!  But for now, I am happy with the friendliness of the staffs and how comfortable it is for me to go to the Tomas Morato Branch and visit my mom and dad after!  I will definitely share to you more about my Marie France journey soon!

But do watch my videos because Marie France isn't as expensive as they used to.  They offer packages that shocked me! (Ex. Php3,000 for 5 FMS Elite treatments!)  Follow them on Facebook for more promos and visit

Just like me, are you fighting off the last 5-10 lbs?  
What do you do to manage or lose weight?

More tips please?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. what happened with the treatment, was it effective?

    1. I personally find it effective pero better talaga you have to do it regularly! Better pa nga on a weekly basis, since my son goes back to school and my sched gets busier and I went back to workout, I stopped for a while but was hoping to go back and kasi it really helps talaga to combine this with exercise and diet


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