Sunday, July 29, 2018

Weekend Food Trip at: 26th St. Bistro

This week was extremely crazy for me!  
It was officially the start of Kyle's full day in school + extra lessons.
It is also the start of my crazy week when it comes to my work.

I missed visiting my mom and dad as often as I can!  I used to be there almost everyday during summer break but now, I wish I can split my body in 2.

But I am still showing this HUGE smile on my face because I take it a day at a time... I DO worry about the future but I appreciate every little blessings every single DAY!

And this face says it all!  I thank my work that I get to bring my family at times to de-stress and bond and just enjoy what we love to do most --- EAT!

Thanks 26th St. Bistro for indulging me and my family after a LONG and Crazy day!  

After Plains & Prints X Mark Bumgarner launch at the nearby location, I walked quickly to 26th Bistro St. and met with my family!  I had a nice gift for Kyle (Cars 3 surprise egg) and I was greeted with a wonderful gift for myself!  


Burrata, Fresh Tomatoes and Basil

This was a great appetizer that filled our hungry tummies!  I love the presentation, though hungry, I almost didn't want to touch it!

Now let's talk about the Burrata Cheese, the milky cheese flavor tastes just right, not too strong, not too salty - just the right amount of flavor to complement the other ingredients laid on the wooden board.

How to best eat this (AMW Family way?)  grab the bread with your clean heads, spread on a hefty amount of Burrata Cheese, top it with a fresh slice of tomato, Basil Leaf, pour in vinegar and olive oil and you may add in pepper and salt (I skipped the spices as all the ingredients are flavorful enough!) and lastly, top a piece of sugar-coated walnut and take a HUGE bite!  

I almost overate this one so I was full when the main dishes arrived!

Prosciutto Pasta with Cream

Okay, I'm a pasta girl and I know my cream-based pasta by heart!  I know the exact amount of cream that I like for 1 plate and I know when an egg is optional or a requirement.

For this particular dish that comes with Prosciutto, it is best eaten WHILE HOT!  I enjoyed poking the egg and see the egg yolk flows down to the pasta and mix them all together and take ONE HUGE BITE not minding that your lipstick may disappear or your mouth will look like that of a 4-year old!  

I don't care because this dish is heart-warming! The saltiness of the Prosciutto is perfect blend to the rich taste of heavy cream.  

Loco Moco

Loco Moco is like a rice version of your favorite Hawaiian Burger!  But, the similarities END there.  Let's talk about the Chargrilled USDA grilled burger steak --- it has the right amount of fat inside but you don't end up tasting the FAT.  It has the right amount of juiciness and it was cooked so right you don't see red blood yet the beef juice comes out on every bite!

Then, there's the sunny side egg which is usual BUT, in between the egg and the Burger Steak are thin strips of sweet onions making this dish delicious!  BUT, the surprise does not end there --- I would think the pineapples were there for decoration, Mr. AMW decided to cut a bit of grilled pineapple in a spoonful of rice + egg + burger steak and some of the sauce --- it was the perfect blend of HAWAII inside your mouth.  The sweet pineapple gives a nice contrast to the rich taste of the beef.  Try it for yourself!

USDA Steak with Marsala Sauce and Mashed Potatoes

I have always been a fan of Marsala sauce and judging by the look of the steak, I knew it was cooked perfectly so my expectation was set really high!  I got a taste of the smooth textured mashed potatoes which won my heart so I immediately went for the "mommy-route" --- gave all the mashed potatoes to Kyle and tried the steak next!

As expected, this was actually the 3rd time for us to try this dish and they never fail!  26th St. Bistro perfected this dish whether you eat it at Shangri-la Mall branch or BGC branch!  It is just perfect for steak lovers out there!

Highly filling by the way!  

Grilled Teriyaki Salmon

I am saving the last for our most favorite (and healthiest) dish of all!  I am very wary in trying out salmon dishes in restaurants because they tend to leave a "fishy" taste in the mouth!  Thankfully, the version of 26th St. Bistro is perfect in a sense that they were able to remove the fishy taste and cook it in a way that it doesn't feel like a "healthy dish".  Drizzled with sweet Teriyaki sauce, it is even a perfect dish for my 5-year old son! 

Let's talk about the Forbidden Rice that comes with this dish, a very healthy type of rice that you can get from the mountains, I was expecting myself to cling on my regular white rice but hey --- this rice is a keeper!  Healthy yet delicious!  How in the world can both words be used in ONE sentence right? 

Possible!  To eat is to believe!

I am seriously happy and contented with our meals and I can't wait to go back to explore other dishes! 

The dishes I mentioned goes beyond perfection if paired with your choice of WINE (Yes, 26th St. Bistro offers that as well!)  But since we are coffee-loving family, we actually ordered coffee even on dinner time!  

Anything that makes us happy right?

Have you tried dining at 26th St. Bistro?
What is your favorite dish from the special dishes featured here?

26th St. Bistro 
G/F Net Lima
5th Avenue Corner 26th Street BGC

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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