Sunday, August 5, 2018

S&R Groceries Delivered Straight to Your Doorstep with Honestbee!

Do you shop a lot ONLINE like I do?
I shop for clothes, shoes, kids toys and even pay all my bills online!  That's how I manage the household without lifting my toes (just fingers!) 

One thing that I still do manually is to shop for groceries.  I go to the Supermarket at least once a week with a long list of items to be purchased.  It was fun the first few times but traffic gets crazy and the weather goes along with the crazy traffic --- I can't seem to enjoy that task anymore.

Thankfully, Honestbee, Asia's leading online concierge and delivery service, helps you shop for groceries and basic household needs in the comfort of your own home.  I've actually shopped at Robinson's Supermarket together with an Honestbee guy!  I've realized, why not try out their service?

And recently, Honestbee launches its partnership with S&R Membership Shopping, giving you access usually limited to its members, fromf resh produce, high-quality wines and spirits and world-class products!  Aside from that, it is great news for me to know that I can also order their famous New York Style Pizza, Chicken, Churros through their app!

And since I've finally caved in and downloaded the app, I can't wait to see how my favorite S&R items are packed and how they will be handled by delivery bees!

And of course, I can't wait to create more easy dishes for the family!  Follow me on Instagram (shameless plug) and watch my #AMWCooks stories!

Download the honestbee app for free on Apple App Store or Google Play Store and sig nup for an account now.  All first-time users an enjoy Php500.00 off with  minimum purchase of Php2,500.  S&R Members get a 5% off on total bill.

What's your favorite S&R Item?

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