Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Cetaphil Baby Products Review

I don't have a baby anymore but I still use baby products for ONE reason ---

My son may be 5 years old but his skin is still a baby!  He got my super sensitive, dry skin and using the wrong products will cause him to itch the whole day!

I have used a number of Baby Care products, I've tested a couple but one brand that was stuck in my head was Cetaphil Baby.  Why?  I'll tell you why when you scroll further down!

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Kyle is a great reader, he reads ALL the product names and even product description whenever I introduce him to new bath care products.  Ever since I used Cetaphil Baby products on him, he has been requesting this brand out of all the brands available inside the bathroom for a couple of reasons --- he likes the scent and he likes how moisturizing it feels on him after every bath.

Cetaphil Baby Moisturizing Bath & Wash is  a favorite of mine because I use this on days I feel like my skin is tight and dry!  This is a great all-over face and body wash that is gentle enough for both babies and kids alike.  I like how it does not irritate my son's eyes considering he likes to wash his face with this product.  That said, I can tell the product is indeed very gentle to use.

a photo of Cetaphil Baby products review

Cetaphil Baby Shampoo is what I use for Kyle's hair and he enjoys doing Mohawk look with it.  Even leaving the shampoo for several minutes, I don't have to worry as it never dries out his hair!  I love how his hair feels after every wash!

On the other hand, when we go on a weekend staycation, I like to bring 2-in-1 products such as the Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash and Shampoo.   

a photo of Cetaphil Baby products review

I tend to be "that mom" that goes "NOOOoooo!" whenever your kid uses the body wash on his/her hair!  Thankfully with the Gentle Wash & Shampoo, I knew that the product would work for both Hair & body and I honestly love the No-Tear formula!  Kyle loves to wipe his eyes so many times during wash as water tends to get into his eye and thankfully, no tantrums - instead, I get stress-free bathing time with him!

Because of the pH balance of all Cetaphil Baby products, my son does not suffer much from skin irritations like before.  Because of the added ingredient of almond oil and soothing aloe vera, his skin doesn't feel as dry like before.  Thankfully, I read ingredients and there are NO paraben, mineral oils and other harmful ingredients so I know it is safe for my son!  No wonder this brand is highly recommended by his Pediatrician.

Now of course, on colder days and months, and since we sleep in an air-conditioned room (he gets sweaty just like his dad so hello Meralco bill!)  I like to apply a good amount of Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion and it was a pleasant surprise for me that my son actually looks forward to this nightly ritual!  

a photo of Cetaphil Baby products review

I can honestly say, after trying out all Cetaphil Baby products, I am also proud to recommend this brand to my mommy friends because it really worked for my son!

The price range of each product is approximately Php300.00.  Not bad considering how long it lasts since a little goes a long way!  And it is a small price to pay for your kid's protection.  To know more about Cetaphil Baby products, like Cetaphil Philippines on Facebook and you may purchase Cetaphil Baby products at SM Hypermarket, Supermarket, Shopwise, South Star Drug, St, Joseph Drug, and Baby Company. 

Have you tried Cetaphil Baby?
Which particular product is your must-buy?

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!

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