Sunday, September 16, 2018

Chicken Fajitas Recipe (Part 2)

Hi AMW friends!
Remember my first Chicken Fajitas recipe which my family loved so much?  My sister-in-law even said it tastes better than those from restaurants!  (Either true or niloloko lang niya ako) ahhaha.

So I did another version this time tweaking the ingredients a bit.  And so far, it was another success!  I know as it was wiped out!  No leftovers the next day!

Ingredients are almost the same as my first recipe but instead of mushrooms, I used Fresh Tomatoes and used Chicken Thigh still as they are more tender.

Because I just came back from work and did not manage to marinate the chicken, it actually worked that I cooked it on a pan with olive oil flavoring the chicken with Green Bell Peppers and Onions.  I added a lot of salt and pepper to taste and let it cook until water is lessened.

I purchased ready-made Garlic Dressing but it didn't work!  So I pulled out my trusty Japanese Mayonnaise adding garlic powder, pepper, salt and yogurt.  The yogurt gives a nice tangy taste!

Set the dressing and fresh tomatoes aside, prepare the cooked chicken on a separate plate ready for serving.

Once the family is ready to eat, I heat the Soft Tortillas on pan around 10 seconds each side.

Have them put in the ingredients as preferred!

Wrap and Enjoy!
Optional but I also added shredded cabbage for that extra crunch!  

So far, the ready-made wraps I bought tastes really good!  I purchased a pack at Robinsons Supermarket and it never fail!  The brand is DELI SUN!

I like my version 2 much better!
Have you tried making your own Soft Tortillas?
Give it a try, it's healthy and fun to eat with the family!  And no judging as you're eating at home with hands!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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