Thursday, September 13, 2018

Lioele Cosmetic Dollish Cera-V CC Review

By this time, you probably get used to the fact that Lioele products aren't housed in a girly pink/pearl packaging like what we're used to!  A total change in look and packaging as they are more premium and professional-looking judging by the packaging.

After reviewing several Lioele products, mostly positive reviews, I have the Dollish Cera-V to talk about and it took me a while to write a blog post because I really can't decide whether this product is a hit or miss!

Help me out will you?  I'll talk about it more after the jump!

At this stage, you probably knew the difference between a BB and CC cream.  If not, well, to cut it short, BB (short for Blemish Balm) has more coveage while CC (Color Correct) is lighter in terms of coverage and has added brightening properties (mostly).  

And this particular one from Lioele is no exception, with added ceramides, ceramides is a component that is deeply moisturizing to the skin thus it will keep skin looking hydrated, soft and dewy throughout usage.

Lioele Cosmetic Dollish Cera-V CC Says --- (lifted from BeautyMNL)
A brightening CC Cream formula for radiant, flawless skin
Soft, light, creamy texture; brightens, color-corrects, and conceals; formulated with color capsules that burst upon application to match skin tone; moisturizes and nourishes with rich minerals, seaweed, vitamin E, jojoba seed oil, and aloe vera; protects skin with SPF 34
PERFECT FOR: Dull, tired, and sallow complexions
English description and Ingredients list (click photo to enlarge) 

Thankfully, this comes in better packaging, instead of the usual squeeze-type tube, this comes in a pump packaging making it easier for me to dispense the appropriate amount of product.  For the whole face, 2 full pumps are more than enough.  I usually go for 1.5.


It comes as a shocking white but upon application and a bit of massaging, the product adjusts well to the skin.  If you apply a lot of product, it will take longer than usual for the product to adjust so I prefer to apply 1 thin layer at a time.

Now, I have fair to medium complexion with warm undertone.  Even if the product is shade adjusting, you need to have fair complexion to begin with.  I like to apply using my fingers for the product to warm up easily and the color to adjust quicker.

Before and After

Shade aside, here's what I have to say about the Lioele Dollish Cera-V CC ---

  • Works for ALL skin types.  Even with oily skin, this would finish off matte.
  • It worked for my Dry/normal skin combination because it does not enhance the dry patches of my skin.
  • A little goes a long way and it has SPF34.
  • Has a nice subtle glow even if you top it with foundation.
  • On to the downside, it reflects light so much so you will have a bit of white cast even without flash photography.
  • Gives decent coverage, it evens out my skin making it look glowing and healthy.
  • Best to apply a darker foundation on top just to adjust the uneven color.
  • I love how it covers my redness, never enhance dry patches and can minimize pores!
  • Lasts until makeup removal with minimal retouching. 
Now, I just wish they come up with the same product with more shade choices!

Do you have a favorite Lioele product?

Do you want to give this product a try after seeing the before and after photo?

Available at BeautyMNL priced at Php720.00.

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  1. Liole is grown up lol. They have a quick eyemakeup eraser before I don't know of they still have it.

    1. sinabi mo, hinahanap hanap ko pa yung lumang colors and packaging nila though


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