Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Babydoll Dresses? Are they Back?

I remember wearing almost the same dress I'm wearing in this photo 10 years ago!  It was those Kimono-dresses days and I own a lot of them!  I even use them during my pregnancy!  

During my last Bangkok trip, Raiza and I had a chance to squeeze in some quick shopping at the Platinum Mall before the Competition - yes, ganyan kami kagaling sa scheduling! :P  

While Raiza was booking looking through some contact lenses, I stood beside this stall full of cute, pastel-colored dresses!  I immediately got a checkered top and dress for my mom and sister-in-law and as I was paying, I saw a big pile of Pastel Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow polka-dot dress!  I immediately grabbed one because you all know me!  I love Polka-Dots on both my nails and dresses!

For someone with average height, it shocked me that this dress was a bit too short on me (or tumi-Tita lang ako?)  Upon wearing this dress, with the approval of Mr. AMW, this reminded me so much of Babydoll dresses back then and are they really back?

True enough, I'm starting to see online sellers selling polka-dot and checkered short dresses with sleeves! 

So to a lot of you who loved my dress when I posted this on IG, I got this in Bangkok but you don't have to fly all the way to Bangkok as I am starting to see Bazaars and online sellers selling them.  Just wait and see!

Sunglasses: Sunnies, Necklace: IG

I wore this dress during my recent Benefit All That Brows Workshop.  I did mommy duties in the morning so I paired this dress with an Ipanema sandals, I changed it to heels in the afternoon for a more polished and professional look! (Sorry was too busy with the workshop and Rustans Beauty Addict I didn't get to take a full body shot)

How do you like this dress?
Would you wear one yourself?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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