Friday, October 26, 2018

Human Nature Kids + New Products

Human Nature is a local-brand that I really depend on and highly recommend when we talk about "safe" products.  We've read positive review after positive reviews and raves from the Beauty Community.

Thankfully, the brand expanded more products this time, with Human Nature KIDS! 

Housed in a super cute packaging, Kyle kept on mentioning "Human Natural Natural Shampoo and Body Wash please!" whenever we take a bath.  He loves the animal characters and even enjoyed reading the back label! 

Now let's talk about the product itself, I love the scent of both Tangerine and Apple I can't pick favorites for now.  I just alternate both variants and the product lather up pretty good, not the bubbly type but it's okay!  I love how soft and smooth my son's skin is after every bath and how it doesn't hurt his eyes.

I am saving up Jiggly Bath Jelly for our staycation this weekend because Kyle is into slime right now so this will be a perfect treat for him in a bigger bath tub from the hotel room we are staying over the weekend!

The Hand Sanitizer is another story.  With "cosmic" and a lot of stars and 2 kids in space, this is a perfect packaging for my Space-loving son!  The scent is somewhat like a "tutti-fruity" candy but it is actually "apple-scented" according to product description.

I love how it does not dry my hands - yes, I use it too! The only difference is, you have to shake this product well before use.

Of course, if Kyle has new products from Human Nature, mommy has to try their new products too.  Especially for HAIR!  Human Nature Natural Shampoo and Conditioner in Strenghtening +PLUS variant comes with special ingredient to help strengthen hair and help in hair growth.

I haven't tried both of these products yet as I am currently testing on something but I'm excited to give this a go.  Let me know your experience if you have tried this!

Lastly is the Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil.  This is an all-around oil that can be used on face, body, nails and even hair!  I've used a small amount of this on the tip of my hair were dryness seems to be rampant!  It helps seal off dry areas and locks in moisture minus the greasy feel! 

I also like to apply a good amount all over arms and legs when I'm wearing sleeveless tops or dresses because it shows off a nice healthy glow!

Thank you Human Nature for creating products apt for the WHOLE family!
I can't wait to try more of their products because Human Nature has been tested by many for so many years!

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What's your favorite Human Nature product that you think I should try?

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