Friday, October 12, 2018

IG Shop Love: DLuxxe Vanity PH

Before I left for Bangkok, I had the talk to an online shop DluxxevanityPH and the owners Dane and Dick were kind enough to send me travel pouches and other items they sell online.  They wanted me to try the items without any expectations and you know me...if I'm happy with the products and services I get, I really take time to feature them here because good sellers deserve the mention (and I'll definitely feature more shops in the future if I get good experiences!) 

Php550.00 (Shipping not included)

This Acrylic organizer is LOVE, for the price, I get to store a LOT of makeup items I put on rotation for review.  This is right in front of me where I do most of my #AMWIGstories and I love it that I can see the items clearly!

And can I say aside from the great price, each layer comes with a non-slip matte!  They certainly read my mind!  If you see my super old posts on makeup organization, I purchase non-slip mattes from Japan Home Center to maintain cleanliness as the matte will catch excess makeup powder or dust.

The 3 layered drawer is sized perfectly.  I can fit so many eye pencils, mascaras and other brow products on the first layer.  

On the second layer is where I put my blush and eyeshadow.  I change them every so often and this is a great way for me to organize my thoughts on which product/s I am currently reviewing!  After writing a review, I would go to the next makeup item!

Third and last layer are my face powders (both pressed and loose).  Thankfully, it fits the normal compact size even Cushion compacts!

On top is where I store all my lip products.  The acrylic organizer also has a space for my base makeup (sunblock, primers and even additional eyeshadow palettes)

Aside from makeup organizers, the online shop also sells various travel organizers.  I got myself a travel bag and pouches in PINK (same color as my luggage!)

See how easy it is for me to grab and store my travel essentials?  And best of all, I am quite confident when someone sees or take a peek inside my luggage --- no undies showing because they are well hidden inside a pouch!

All the items ordered were packed really well.
I am so happy with my items and I can't wait to grab some more from them!

Do you have any other Instagram online sellers you highly depend on?

Let's help each other by sending their links here!  I want to check them out too!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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