Sunday, October 7, 2018

Weekend Food Trip at: Sunrise Buckets

Once I was stuck in traffic, then I tuned in to this radio station wherein radio DJs were blindfolded, trying out different flavors of Sunrise Buckets Chicken.

I was salivating like no other inside the car and vouched to try this restaurant when I get the chance.

After a nice bonding with the family, we were walking along the mall trying to search for restaurants we can try!  Then I saw Sunrise Buckets near the cinema at the Powerplant Mall and we didn't have to think twice!

I know the restaurant is called Sunrise Buckets as they serve "buckets" of different flavored chicken!  From Hickory to Smokin' BBQ, there's also Black peppered, Garlic Glazed, Garlic, Parmesan, Jack Daniel's, Honey Jalapeno, Maple and Ultimately Crazy Hot.

With the wide range of flavors, I'm sure you'll have at least one or two you'll like to try!  As for us, we can't go wild because we have a kid with us!  We opted for Hickory BBQ, so my opinion will be based only from this ONE flavor that we tried okay? :D

The Smokin' BBQ is alright, I'd say the chicken itself is alright but nothing amazing!  I guess I was expecting too much !  The other order was for Kyle which I vaguely prefer more --- the Crispy Chicken that comes with gravy.

As for appetizer, I ordered Onion Rings with frieds, for someone who loves Onion Rings to the core (yes, I prefer this over fries anytime of the day).  This particular one served from Sunrise Buckets didn't receive any thumbs up from me!  I felt the onion rings itself is deliciously done but for some reason, I can taste the "old oil" or was it my imagination?  But my husband tasted it too!

Now, this post is not all about "so so" I actually found the best Sausage Fried Rice and it's funny how we found it in a "chicken place".  Are we weird or what? 

But for someone who loves Sausages (My husband purchase different sausages whenever we go grocery shopping and orders sausages too in restaurants - I'd say he's an expert in that field! LOL)  and he gave 2 thumbs up for this and I have to agree with him!  Definitely a MUST-TRY!  This rice won't go well with the chicken but I can definitely go back to Sunrise Buckets just to eat this....

Overall, I think the quality of food is great, it's just that, I taste the flavor of a "reused oil" in all my dishes that made me went "meh" instead of "yummy"!  I think I have to go back and try this restaurant again!

Have you tried Sunrise Buckets?

Any thoughts and feedback please?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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