Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Soothies Foot Care Products Reviewed

 How many of you takes care of your feet aside from your face?

Not a lot huh?
I'm one of them!  Guilty as charged!  The most I've done was during the time my heels were cracking from going barefoot at the play area several times a day, so I ended up putting petroleum jelly on my heel area wearing socks at night before I go to bed.

That did not make the cut.  My feet sometimes look like it does not belong to a Beauty Blogger (there I said it!)  Embarrassing yet true, so thankfully, because of the launch of new Foot Care line called Soothies - I was forced to take care of my feet and after giving this a try for more than a week, I think I've found a good reason to start taking care of them - consistently!

Available at Watsons Personal Care Stores

Soothies Foot Scrub 200g 
Php149.00 for 200g
Soothies Foot Scrub exfoliates and removes dry and rough areas of the skin.  Made with shea butter, peppermint oil and honey extract, Soothies foot scrub moisturizes, cools and revitalizes tired feet, softens and hydrates skin.

The product has small rought beads that is kind enough to the skin.  It does not keep my feet dry instead, it does the opposite, my feet feels smooth after every exfoliation.  I do this twice a week or even thrice when I see dead skin forming especially at the heel area.

Soothies Foot Moisturizing Cream 
Php99.00 for 50ml
Soothies Foot Moisturizing Cream moisturizes, cools and refreshes tired feet.  Made with shea and cocoa butter, Soothies Foot Cream leaves skin soft and smooth.  The peppermint oil and rosemary extract naturally relieves stress and fatigue.

I love applying this in the morning, I used to dislike putting ANYTHING on my feet during daytime but this one is an exception, non-greasy, smells great and best of all, non-slippery!

Soothies Cooling Spray
Php129.00 for 50ml
Soothies Foot Spray refreshes and cools feet.  Made with lavender, jojoba and rosemary extracts, this spray naturally removes odor-causing bacteria and leaves skin soft.
This foot spray is a favorite of mine!  I love how refreshing my tired feet feels after every spray!  You know what I do?  As a manual-car driver, I like to spritz and relax my feet in between traffic so I've decided this goes straight to my car!

Soothies Foot Balm
Php149.00 for 40g
Soothies Foot Balm is an intensive foot care product for cracked heel.  It moisturizes and revitalizes tired feet while reducing foot odor.  Made with peppermint, tsubaki, rosemary and lavender oils, with natural anti-bacterial and healing properties  Soothies Foot Balm relieves the roughest, driest and most cracked.
 This is what I use specifically for the heel area at night with my favorite socks!  I can still see my cracked heels as of the moment but I"m giving it months of consistent usage to finally see result because my heels are HOPELESS :P  

Soothies Foot Powder
Php139.00 for 150g
Soothies foot powder absorbs moisture, keeps feet cool and dry and eliminates odor.  Soothies foot Powder is made with Tea Tree Oil which naturally eliminates odor-causing bacteria and fungi.
I'm not a foot powder girl because I actually do not perspire as much as Mr. AMW!  Mr. AMW uses regular baby powder for his feet and I am happy to say, he is a believer of Soothies ! He used to say: "All powders are the same, just grab one with cornstarch!"  And after trying this out, he finally saw the difference!  I love th eadded Tea Tree Oil which does not only eliminate odor, it smells great!

There's still a LONG way for my feet to look Photo-worthy, but it's never too late to start taking those extra steps to care one of the most hardworking part of our body! :D

Do you currently use any foot care products?
What is your favorite brand?

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