Monday, November 26, 2018

These Lips Don't Lie

So, you all know how much I love the shades Pink Sugar came up with release after release.  This batch is no exception!  I am loving all the shades and loving the fun names too!

Check out these 7 new shades that I think you can check out because I am sure there will be at least one that would work for you! 

In a glance, I can easily pick the shade/s that works well on my skin tone --- can you spot them?

I separated them in naturals/neutrals and...



AMW wears Breakfast in Bed
The lightest, most natural shade of all!  This is a perfect MLBB shade if you have lightly pigmented lips!  This is more of a nude color for me but I like how it warms my overall look without making me look sick.

AMW wears XOXO
XOXO is a gorgeous pinkish brown shade that I would go for even with minimal makeup on!  I can imagine this to be a nice nude color for users with dark complexion!  

 AMW wears Queen Bee
Queen Bee is a gorgeous Medium Brown shade that would appear MLBB for users with Dark Complexion while this screams 90's iconic lips for users with fair complexion!  One of my favorite shade from the bunch and I've been reaching out for this more often.

AMW wears Desire
Desire is sweet and dainty.  A dusty rose pink lip color.  This lip color is perfect for those who wants to wear a pink lipstick without looking unnatural.  The added brown hue warms up the complexion making it look healthy and glowing.

AMW wears Diva
Diva is a "DIVA" Shade, this is a deep red lipstick that makes your teeth white with its' blue undertone.  I haven't been into red lipsticks this year but this is what I will pick if I need to wear one!

AMW wears Head Over Heels
Head over heels is my type of deep pink lipstick,  I own one from another brand and I always pick this up whenever I don't plan to wear a lot of makeup but still makes a statement.  I always get compliments on how fresh I look whenever I wear this lip color!

I recommend this for Filipinas because fair to medium complexion will have a brighter-looking face while medium to darker complexion users will find this to appear a bit darker pink than what you see on me.

AMW wears Goal Digger
Goal Digger is close to Head Over Heels but this one has a darker hue.  If you opt for brighter-lip color, go for Head Over Heels, if you want the same shade but in a more subtle manner, pick this one!  

Which among the 7 Pink Sugar These Lips Don't Lie Lip crayons shade do you like the most?


Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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