Saturday, December 15, 2018

I Want These Under My Tree!

Christmas sets - always a favorite of mine as a gift not only for loved ones but also for myself.  I find these sets to be the prettiest and most "money-saving" of all!  That's why I always ended up hoarding more than a set whenever I shop.  It happens once a year lang naman di ba?

Clinique, one of my favorite skincare brand, came up with even better sets this year.  I don't know how they managed to get better each year, they just ended up topping themselves and this year is no exception.

Introducing --- MERRY CLINIQUE 2018.

I got one under the tree and you may have one too!

It is easier to light up anyone's season with Clinique Essentials.  As for me my Clinique essential will always include the famous Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+.

And Clinique covered everything depending on the needs of your recipient!

Clinique Kisses - For Lipstick lovers.
Pop Sampler - for those like me who loves this lipstick line!
Perfectly Happy - For the fans of Clinique Happy.
Happy For Him - a great his and her gift idea if you want something "pairing".
Great Skin For Him - for the guys in our life who knows and understands the importance of a good skincare regimen (hello Brother AMW).

and of course, my favorite will always be the skincare sets!
Great Skin Home and Away I & II - this is a perfect and great starter.  This similar set is where my love for Clinique started.
Great Skin Home and Away III & IV - same set as I & II but it is highly recommended you know the skin type of the recipient (or even yourself) to pick which number is best.
More than Moisture - my favorite set of all.  Complete moisture set for the face and lips!
Take it All Off - a set to remove makeup, both waterproof and non-waterproof.
24 days of Clinique - the best calender of all!  The advent calendar that contains all sample sizes of Clinique's best of the best!

Which set do you wish for this Christmas?

To purchase, visit Clinique Counters nationwide.

Keep smiling
Stay happy!

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