Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas from AMW Family!

When Kyle was born, my wish came true and I couldn't ask for anything more but for him to be in great health and be a good person.

Of course, if God gives me more wishes to be granted, I wish for great health and safety for my whole family and of course, sharing some good vibes and blessings to YOU my dear AMW friends who have been with me for more than a decade.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart because I still have the chance to type my well wishes here every single year!  Thank you for checking my site, for reading my thoughts and trusting my reviews.  I will keep on doing this as long as I have the passion to help and share my knowledge (and that would be a long long time pa I can tell!)  I just hope you still want to read something from a Senior Citizen in the future!  #lol

Merry Christmas to you my friend, from the time I was still single to being a Mrs. down to being a mom, thanks for being part of my journey and I can't wait to share more with you!

Please let me know you're still here by commenting below!  I'd love to know that I am not talking to just anybody on cyberspace but someone with a name!  Someone I can really say THANK YOU to!

Merry Christmas!  
Stay Happy, Healthy and Loved!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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