Sunday, December 9, 2018

We Dined at TGI Friday's On a Friday!

No classes, no work last November 30th and we've decided to do some holiday shopping at the same time, bond with the family.

It was packed inside the mall so we've decided to go to the more quiet area of Glorietta which is were Friday's is located.  Ahhh Friday's brought me back to so much good memories.  We were in Senior High then when my friend celebrated her birthday at Friday's!  I had a huge crush on Keith but I felt like he had a crush on someone else (arte ko lang) I remembered giving up that day but this man was actually doing all sorts of "pa-cute" making me hate him even more!  Hayyy those were the days...but I was told on the latter part that it was that very day at Friday's he has decided that he will pursue me (awww, haba ng hair ko!)  

So fast forward to more than 20 years after, we're back laughing our way to the table.

Friday's is known for huge servings and that night, we were actually craving for something close to home!  So it was a pleasant surprise to see Filipino dishes (with a twist) served at an American Restaurant.

Potato Crisp with Truffled Dressing
As much as I would say I love anything Truffled, seriously, I wish they could offer more chips!  Nakakabitin siya for the price.

Three-Meat Platter 
You get 3 types of meat --- grilled chicken, Filipino pork liempo and Friday's pork adobo.
Can I pick a favorite?  I can't, they were all surprisingly delicious even though it looked burnt and otherwise.  Seriously, I can't pick a fave and I'm usually not into grilled chicken but it tastes somewhat like Teriyaki.  The Adobo is another star because it is very tender and you can taste real adobo on every single bite!

I just wish this meat set comes with rice because who can eat all these Filipino favorites without rice?

Overall, I had a great time going back reminiscing at TGI Friday's once again!  Will definitely go back with the family soon!

What's your favorite Friday's dish?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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