Saturday, January 5, 2019

Askmemom: KinderCity Review

We love to go to Nuvali because Kyle likes to do some "fishing".  
When he talks about fishing, it literally means "feeding the orange fishes" at Solenad!  Have you been there and your family mommies?  I find that activity to be extremely relaxing and fun!  Even my dad-in-law was hooked!  I just don't know how many packs of fish food he bought just to make sure all the "slim fishes" gets their share of food!  *laughs*

It was raining so hard when we went to Nuvali so we had no choice but to feed fishes under an umbrella then keep ourselves dry at the nearby mall - Vista Mall.  

Vista mall is a kind of mall I love to stay in, I'm not much of a shopping girl, all I need in a mall is --- less crowd, ATMs availability, coffee shops, good restaurants and of course, kiddie play areas which the mall has a lot of!

One of the biggest kids play area located at the topmost floor is called KinderCity.  You won't miss it!  Kyle obviously didn't and pulled are hands and wanted to go in immediately.

NOTE: This was our 2nd time at KinderCity and I believe won't be the last.

You have to make sure to bring your own socks but you can always purchase from them.  You have to pay kids and adults separately and unlike Kidzoona and other kids play area - you cannot do shifting!  If you plan to go out and change "bantay", you have to pay this new adult's admission fee which I think isn't the best idea - I get them, most adults take selfies there but seriously, most adults can't play and are just sitting inside, I wish they would follow the rule as that of other kids play area -- just my humble opinion.

Now back to the review, KinderCity is refreshing, it's not the usual kids play area that you see, yes, they have the basics --- toys to play with, basketball court, ballpit etc...but what I love about KinderCity is how fairytale lovers would appreciate - someone like Kyle.

His imagination went wild when he played Captain in this huge boat!

Jake and the Neverland Pirate?  Or maybe Peter Pan and Captain Hook?   

Then there's Goldilocks and the Three Bears "room", Kyle was shrieking with joy and was sitting even on 3 chairs and laying down on 3 beds!  He was retelling the story to me!

Mirror Mirror On the Wall :)

Then there's an area for Alice in Wonderland Fans.

Unfortunately, the story book areas are limited but still nice enough for kids' imagination to go wild!  While some who aren't fans of fairytales (which I doubt) but I"m sure meron!

They can freely play with gas station...

 Gingerbread shop and create snacks - there's a nearby supermarket which houses LOADS of fruits, vegetables and ingredients!  I can't believe they almost have everything!

For book lovers, there are some books scattered in an area which Kyle was the only one who enjoyed! There are also smart games and games that would need a lot of thinking!  Blocks, magnets etc...!

Overall, this is a great place to bond with your kid or kids and they'll surely find their favorite area in an instant!

Admission Fee
1 Hour: Php250.00 
3 hours: Php400
Adult: Php150.00 per head

Vista Mall, Second Floor, Santa Rosa - Tagaytay Rd, Don Jose, Santa Rosa, 4026 Laguna

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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  1. Heeya ich bin zum rsten Mal hier. Ich stieß auf fand
    deses Board und iich finde es wirklich wirklich
    nützlich unnd es half mir eine Mengge viel.

    Ich hoffe, etwas zurück und Hilfe geben, andere wie Sie gestützte me.


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