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Bell HYPOAllergenic Anti-Redness Primer Review

One of the easiest "correcting" face primer to use as of writing.

Yes, it was a pleasant surprise when I did unboxing on a couple of Bell HYPOAllergenic makeup products and I chanced upon this primer.  I saw a green primer for the face and at the back of my head I was thinking: "There goes patchy primer that would stick on my dry areas leaving me spotted white cast!"  

Then with a couple of pump, I applied it straight on my face during one of my #AMWIGStories unboxing session and it was in the middle of the day when my face was parch and dry.  Then I gave a loud "Oooohhh, this is nice!"

Then months after trying this, I still feel the same!

Bell HYPOAllergenic Anti-Redness Primer Review
Available at Watsons and SM Beauty

a photo of Bell HYPOAllergenic Anti-Redness Primer Review
Product descxription ---
Neutralizes redness and conceals skin imperfections; making the blood vessels and discolouration is almost invisible. Moisturizes and smoothes the skin and visually extends the life of makeup. Light formula offers an easy and even application.

a photo of Bell HYPOAllergenic Anti-Redness Primer Review

Housed in a glass with pump packaging, I wouldn't ask for anything else in terms of packaging.  You see how much product is left (which is always a thumbs up for me) and a pump is nice to control the right amount of product to be dispensed.

As you can see, the consistency of the product is not too thick or watery.  Thick primers have better coverage BUT, they tend to cling on to your skin making it look unnatural.  And the green shade isn't too dark making it subtle in blurring out redness.

Of course, in every PROS there will be a CON but I find this not a biggie.  Since the consistency is semi-watery, and the shade is not too dark, you may need a couple of layers to completely cover redness.  This isn't as an issue for me as I prefer to layer my makeup making it natural-looking as opposed to painting your face with too much color!

a photo of Bell HYPOAllergenic Anti-Redness Primer Review

As for application, I prefer to use my clean fingers because I can easily pat on more products on red areas (ex. sides of nose and cheek)

a photo of Bell HYPOAllergenic Anti-Redness Primer Review

Before and After
The best part about this primer is how it hydrates my skin, aside from blurring out redness, my skin exudes a certain glow from within!  Now, how about those with oily complexion?  Use your choice of mattifying foundation and oil-control powder will do the trick!

a photo of Bell HYPOAllergenic Anti-Redness Primer Review

I did not apply too much but here's to show you how the sides of my nose look "less red" and thankfully, does not even look green at all!  Considering I did not even apply foundation yet!

a photo of Bell HYPOAllergenic Anti-Redness Primer Review

And the best part?  The Hypoallergenic part!  My skin does not breakout so I'm being kind to my skin at the same time making it look and feel flawless and great!

Have you found a nice green primer for your face?
Do you need a green primer?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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