Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy 2019! Happy New Year!

Dear AMW friends,

January is actually my Blog anniversary, end of January to be exact and guess what? This blog is 12 years old!  Who would've thought I'd celebrate most of my life's milestones here?

From my journey to studying makeup, sharing my hardships in handling clients and looking for customers.  Turning 30 years old while I also shared the hardships of a family member going through Depression for 4 full years!  From being a Miss to Mrs. then giving birth to Kyle!  

Yes, you've sen it all!  Thanks for being part of my life's journey, though my Blog comments decreased so much (40+ comments per article down to almost none at times), I knew a lot of you are still reading or browsing through my posts --- so THANK YOU for holding on.  I know there may come a time I won't blog as much (hello on blogging at least 1 post a DAY for the past decade!), I knew I won't be as interesting as before (hello Senior Citizen a couple more years!)  I just want to say THANK YOU for giving me a space here on Cyberspace to share my feelings, my love and my passion.  I really appreciate every single one of you!  I don't see you as readers, instead, you are all my Cyber friend so can we just group hug? :P

I know the coming years are going to be extra challenging (parents getting old, dad suffered Stroke, etc...) but at least I know there's a whole bunch of you giving me the thumbs up and shoulder to cry on!  I know I can count on YOU just as you can count on me!

Happy New Year and please follow me on IG because that's were you really get updates on how my life goes every single day!  (Watch AMW stories - yes, shameless plus)  And I also do a lot of unboxing and initial thoughts on new products before I get to put them up here (written form) because it takes time for me to test products!

Enjoy this special start of the year and stay HAPPY!

I love you all!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. Aww Im silently reading ms. Nikki. Some of us is in facebook haha

  2. Happy Happy New Year, Dear Nikki!

    Hope this year to read more creative & unique articles and reviews from you! Love ya! :)

    Natalie Sanelyte from www.easybuilder.pro


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