Thursday, February 14, 2019 REVIEW + Php100 OFF Code for YOU!

I have offers to review a lot of services like Massage and Nail services in salons but I almost never get to visit 80% of them.  Why?  Well, if you know me really well, you know that every minute/second of my day counts!  And to travel 1 hour to 2 hours (one way) just to pamper myself isn't my top priority!  

So when I learned about app, I gave it a try right away and tested this app before deciding to share this wonderful news to you!  And hey, I have a special code for first time app users!  You get Php100.00 off on your first booking and it is a HUGE help I tell you! 

Now before you start booking, you have to learn about this platform first. is similar to our favorite shopping sites such as Lazada, but this one is more of a service provider! is an online marketplace platform for services instead of products.  This platform covers a wide range of services, everything for the family and yourself - Home Cleaning, Nail Care, Massage, Hair Service, Personal Trainer, Makeup Service even Tutor!

a photo of REVIEW and Php100 code use NIKKI100

Here's what I did to book my Mani/Pedi Service.  (Note: better to book the day before!)  

I click on "Nail Care" and input my location, date I am available and shared some details on my request (ex. Mani/Pedi with polish)

a photo of REVIEW and Php100 code use NIKKI100 will share my job with Service Providers that match my request.  I just wait for a response.  What I love about is that I get a message not only in their app but also thru text!  That way I don't need internet connect to read service offers!

Review the offers and the GoodWork profiles (even ratings),  in my case, the app is still new so I don't see much review yet but I gave it a try anyways (by the way, I am NOT paid in any way to write this post!)  

I got a response from Lotus and offer of Php300.00 for both Mani and Pedi home service.  I accepted it right away! 

a photo of REVIEW and Php100 code use NIKKI100

After meeting Neirylyn, who arrived earlier than scheduled and was very professional in messaging me, she has been a freelancer for more than 5 years!  I enjoyed the service so much I told my mom-in-law about it and we can't wait to book another session for some bonding!

a photo of REVIEW and Php100 code use NIKKI100
a photo of REVIEW and Php100 code use NIKKI100

Keep in mind that these freelance service providers are not employed by GoodWork.  Though these service providers have registered a profile and submitted relevant government documents, it really depends on the individual and service provider so I may get a good service on some days and maybe have some not-so-good-days (I hope that won't happen though!)

a photo of REVIEW and Php100 code use NIKKI100

And best part, if I have questions, I actually messaged and their customer service responded right away!  I can't wait to try other services!

Now, to those who are booking for the first time thru their app. is extending Php100.00 off use code NIKKI100 

Do you know any other online service providers?
Will you give a try?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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  1. This sounds so nice! I'll try for plumbing service hopefully there is a professional in my location


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