Sunday, February 17, 2019

Weekend Food Trip at: Maki Place

Before I talk about Maki Place, I want to thank The SAEM Philippines for sending me a lovely Chinese New Year gift!  They never fail to give LOVE, Wealth and Happiness to the TIU household!  Than you!

Now back to food, the past few weeks was crazy!  Kyle visited his Pedia twice before Chinese New Years!  I am so happy I've found a doctor that Kyle is very comfortable with, most of all, she can make Toy Balloon animals that's why Kyle calls her the Balloon Doctor!

Best of all, she opens even at night so Keith can accompany us!  Twice that we've seen the doctor, we also had our dinner outside and it was "pampalubag look" to eat yummy food after a stressful day!  One restaurant that we enjoyed going to is Maki Place.

Located at Benavides Street Binondo, it is located at a crowded street so it is advisable to eat during off-peak hours!  They close around 9:00pm by the way!  

Though the dishes didn't come off exactly the same as last time, I wish they could be more consistent, here are some of our favorite orders - of course you have to order MAKI but I didn't get to take a photo of it as Mr. AMW already ate it :P

Pork Spareribs, Goyong, Fried Rice and any Noodle dish!  They are yummy!

Affordable and delicious!  I just wish that they can be consisten with the taste of their dishes as we enjoyed the first time we dined there as compared to the 2nd time.  One thing is consistent for sure - MAKI!  They aren't called MAKI Place for nothing!

Maki Place
916 Benavidez St. Binondo Manila
Tel. no.: 632-516-4644

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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