Tuesday, March 12, 2019

My Visit at AOJO Store

It has been a while since I last visited SM North EDSA, and over the weekend, I was able to pass by The ANNEX and found myself inside a trendy eyewear shop called AOJO.

If you know me personally, you've seen me sport different eyeglasses and sunglasses because aside from using them for fashion, I use them a lot to protect my eyes.  You see, all my eyeglasses (total of 5) do not have grades in them but I wear them mostly for TWO reasons - to protect my eyes when I use computer (as I purchase those with blue coated lens) as I stay in front of the computer A LOT!  Aside from that, my eyes tend to get easily irritated and I feel more at ease and comfortable wearing glasses (whether eyeglass or sunglass).

Thankfully, shops like AOJO are opening up not only to offer quality frames and glasses but I love the fact that they are inexpensive and very TRENDY!  I mean susuot ka na lang ng glasses, make sure bagay na sayo at ikagaganda mo di ba? :) 

Since its launch in 2013, AOJO is a Hong Kong based brand and has expanded its presence to over 400 stores around the world.  With a wide variety of high quality eyewear, Aojo offers its customers functional, stylish and fashionable optical frames, sunglasses, PC glasses and reading glasses to all its customers.

Once you get into the store, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the HUGE array of collection.  Here's a tip for you coming from someone who were able to pick my favorite frames, had an eye examination and took home my specs in a total of 1 hour! (Minus 30 minutes waiting time for the lens to be installed)

Know your budget.
Thankfully, AOJO has a great setup where you can easily see the price range of the glasses.  Sunglasses starts at Php1,990.00 then goes up to Php2,990.00 to Php3,990.00 to Php4,990.00.

If budget is not an issue and you just want something perfect for your face shape, you may check out NEW ARRIVALS and TRENDY section.  This is the section were you see the fashionable eyewear you see mostly on magazines and runways.


Go to the Discount Section
This section is also great to checkout great styles that are discounted.  I love how their sale items are still trendy enough to wear!

Checkout their Top-Selling frames section 
This section will give you the overview of what's in style and in season.  I started looking for inspiration and try out glasses and see frames that would work for my face shape.  This is also the best area to see the "color" that would work for your skin tone.  

I was offered blacks, silvers and golds and I knew Gold is something that would match my skintone so I stayed in that area!

Chat with the AOJO Personnel
They are indeed the experts!  I went there alone and I would appreciate 2nd opinion.  Thankfully, Marlene from SM North EDSA branch was super knowledgeable with all the lenses AOJO offers.  I told her the style of eyewear I want and color preference and she went ahead giving me all the options I can get!  

I know it feels like a pressure for us to have a sales personnel walk side by side with us especially when we only plan to "look around", but with AOJO staff, you really get not only the help you need but you also get to learn about the styles that would work for you - because she really gave me sound advice on the right eyewear to pick!  I didn't realize some of the eyewear I've been picking makes my face looks uneven or "weird".

Have an Eye Examination
As much as it is very tempting to just purchase a frame for fashion and just run off, I highly recommend to have your eyes checked at least once or twice a year!  Why?  Because we only have a pair of eyes and it is best to take care of them.

I've said this over Instagram stories a couple of times, I've had my eyes examined a couple of times through my lifetime and this is one of the most comprehensive I've tried to date!

It started with a couple of questions from sleeping hours to headaches etc... then I was faced with high-tech gadgets!

And this proved that taking care of my eyes at all times has its benefits - my eyes still on 20/20 vision.  So what I did was to upgrade the lens I'm currently using to AOJO's Digital Plus Lens.

Compared to other brands, AOJO's lens can block off Both UV and blue light emitted by our computers and phones.  Check out the demonstration done.  See how AOJO lens can block off the green light (encircled in yellow) completely?

Now, I feel more comfortable with my new lightweight frame and the lens that really protects my eyes whenever I work in front of ANY digital device.

Important things to remember:
Eyewear and lenses have 12 months LIMITED warranty.  Warranty is for manufacturer's defect.
Lifetime maintenance service: Eyewear cleaning, adjustment and change of screws and nose pad (as needed).

Now for those who need prescription glasses then laser eye surgery may be an option. In just 10 seconds you can get your eyes reshaped and you can then wear trendy glasses from AOJO without worrying about contact lenses.

Follow me on Instagram because I'll proudly wear my AOJO picks (sunglasses and eyeglasses).  If you are interested to check out the store yourself, AOJO stores are located at SM North EDSA, SM Southmall, Alabang Town Center, Ayala Cloverleaf, Southwoods Mall, Ayala Mall Centrio, SM City Seaside Cebu. 

For more information, visit AOJO Philippines on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

Do you take care of your eyes whether you have 20/20 vision?
Have you picked a pair of eyewear you really like?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Hi! Free lang ba ang pagpapaadjust and other maintenance services nila? If not how much yung fee?

    1. Do check na lang if may changes. If yoyu bought from them baka may service na free. But again, times have changed, baka lang may minimal fee I am not updated na as mine are still ok


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