Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Natural Beauty Look the Pixi-way

If you follow me on Instagram, you knew that I unboxed the Huge Pixi box and even given away an eyeshadow palette and a brush set! 

Yes, shameless plus but it helps to follow me on Instagram as I do a lot of giveaways there!

Leaving myself the Reflex Light palette, I was inspired to create a very simple, natural yet-fresh eyeshadow look using some of my favorite shadow shades from this palette.

 Eye Reflection Shadow Palette With specially curated colors, these eye shadow formulas are highly blendable and incredibly rich in pigment and payoff! Super silky mineral shadows in light reflective shades make it easy to create stunning looks with a few sweeps. The mix of creamy metallic colours ranging from light to dark help create a 3D glow and shimmer, making your eyes the center of attention. Swish on these gorgeous shades to brighten, define, and enliven!

A combination of all the reflective shadows you can think of, I love that I have variation of shades to work with.  This is a perfect palette if you already have a lot of neutral shadows and wanted to add some "oomph" on your usual eyeshadow application routine.

Shade names

Vanilla Glitz is my favorite "clean up my eyelid" shade.  This can actually be worn alone if you have ZERO blending skills! 

Soft Brown on the other hand is my favorite "transition" and eyeshadow contour powder shade.  The effect is so soft and natural this can be the 2nd step you can aim for if you want to upgrade your eyeshadow application skills.

Using a pencil brush, I like to deepen my "chinita" eyes with any Dark colored shadow.  You can pick any of the 3 dark brown shades located at the bottom row.  I went for Bronze Gleam because it has more sparkles and I like sparkles nowadays

Browns tend to be really boring and may look like I did not sleep the night before.  It's high time to pick something really light and sparkly and I opt for Metal Mauve and apply at the center of my lid and it will make my eyes pop!

Very natural, subtle yet has a nice effect eyeshadow look.  If you want to amplify the shades, best to use an eyeshadow primer underneath or use a white/beige or cream colored pencil as a base to make the eyeshadow pop!

Overall, I am using this palette more often than usual because summer calls for sparkles!  

Watch out for more looks using this palette either here or my social media accounts
Congratulations to the winner who won my giveaway!

Do you like this palette?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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