Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Body Shop Brow Sport Brow Liner Review

WOW! That's my most defined brow ever!
That was my immediate reaction when I first used The Body Shop Brow Sport Brow Liner (Php695.00).  I've had it for several months but because I'm on a very lazy "no makeup" stage, it took a while for me to finally test this.  Of all days, I tested this during one of my workout session and I kind of felt embarrassed working out with very strong-looking brows!  

But this girl have to test this product on extreme condition.  I did, again, it was embarrassing but at least I've got something to say ya'all!

a photo of The Body Shop Brow Sport Brow Liner Review

Define and shape your brows with Brow Sport. Designed to sculpt eyebrows and resist fading and smudging, this brow pen will never let you down. Brow Sport subtly blends to match the colour of your eyebrows and features an angled brush for extra precision when you need it most.

a photo of The Body Shop Brow Sport Brow Liner Review

Housed in a pen-type packaging, it is very easy to use because of the applicator as well.  In the Philippines, the shade available is Dark Brown.  This product (according to The Body Shop) is sweatproof, transferproof, non-flaking, non-fading - and I'm nodding in agreement, because it truly is.

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Here's the thing about The Body Shop Brow Sport Brow Liner - you need super LIGHT hands in application because the pen dispenses really good amount of product in a single stroke.  Unlike other brand counterparts where you get faded color, not with The Body Shop - all the brands I've tried shy away from this one!  

That explains the "con" part, if you prefer natural-looking, subtle feather-like brows, this won't be the effect you are aiming for.  BUT, if you aim for "Microbladed brows" effect, this is the one for you!

Now how to use?  Start at the center of the brows and lightly touch the tip of the applicator on your skin.  If you applied too much pressure a see a blob of product, don't worry because you can always clean up with Q-tip or brush up with a spoolie to diffuse the color.

As much as I'd love to do "light, feather strokes" at the inner corner of my brows, I prefer to leave it there and gently brush through everything using a spoolie and product will transfer to the inner corner for that "faded" natural-looking effect.

a photo of The Body Shop Brow Sport Brow Liner Review

Before and After

a photo of The Body Shop Brow Sport Brow Liner Review

This makeup stays ALL through workout even shower!  I find that using makeup cleansing oil to be my bestfriend in removing this product.

Unfortunately, I don't get to wear this often as strong brows isn't my thing this year - I'm leaning towards light, feathery brows nowadays.  But will definitely pick this up for those who have medium to dark complexion and has dark hair and wanted to create define eyes!

What type of brow makeup are you into nowadays?

Will you use such product from The Body Shop Sport?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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