Thursday, May 16, 2019

AMW Wears FSJ Shoes

I was offered to try out a pair of shoes from FSJ Shoes, an online shoe seller.  I was literally wowed by the wide range of shoes.  I mean just try to go to their site and you'll know what I'm talking about.  

Thankfully, I knew in my heart heels that are 4inches higher won't work for me no matter how gorgeous their designs are!  So it was an easy decision for me to browse through their "chunky heels" category and picked 3 inches below!  

My eyes laid on the Retro Black Chunky Heels Sandals Peep toe Buckle Angle Straps (USD74.99) and I was sold!  

After ordering, I got the pair of shoes in about 2 weeks time (Free shipping) and I was surprised this was delivered straight to my doorstep with a fee of Php100.00 (with receipt).  Not bad, I mean I can't vouch on having them delivered straight to your doorstep ALL THE TIME as it really depends on your postal service location!  

The pair came right on time when I attended a Dior Stellar Lipsticks launch, I was asked so many times on DMs about this pair of shoes and guess what?  This was super comfortable and I don't need to "break in" these pairs because the leather was so soft it doesn't hurt my sensitive feet!  Most importantly, the height of the heels are just right and seriously, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I drove home with them!  

I can't wait to pair these with my favorite pair of jeans or even shorts and more dresses maybe?  I love how versatile this design is!

How do you like this pair?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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