Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Face Mist SPF45 PA++ review

Perfect for the crazy heat, The Body Shop recently added more products under their Skin Defence line.  The Multi-Protection Face Mist which contains SPF45 which for me is not to be used alone but as a great "retouch sunblock" for the face!  Especially for girls who have makeup on!

How easy is it to use?  Housed in a spritz bottle, you only need to spritz straight to your face with eyes close and you  know you are protected from the harmful rays of the sun --- again!

The Body Shop Says ---
Feel free with this super-lightweight, multi-protection face mist with SPF45 PA++ and help protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays and pollution particles too. The cloud-like mist forms an invisible protective film without leaving a residue on the skin. Enriched with red algae extract and anti-oxidant vitamin C, the mist helps brighten your skin’s appearance for a more luminous complexion. So easy to use on the go, help to protect your skin without smudging your make-up for any adventure.

AMW says --- 

  • Spritz Bottle, very easy to use for retouch.  
  • Has anti-pollution, anti-oxidant and anti-dullness aside from sun protection.  Indeed multi-tasking.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Suitable for all skin types as it dries off immediately after spritz.
  • 100% vegan.


  • If you accidentally sprayed with eyes a bit open, it hurts the eye.
  • Has a strong scent.  (Goes away approximately 3 minutes after) but it is really strong.
  • Has a bit of tingling sensation on first use but goes away after.

This is a great "retouch" sunblock especially for me who stays in a gym that is open air.  I usually apply sunblock before I go out but with all the crazy sweat session, I knew that the sunblock I applied hours ago has long been gone and I see myself getting really dark and uneven by the day!  Thankfully, I have this to retouch my face sunblock mid-workout without having to stop everything.  This is so convenient to use.  Best of all, this is a great retouch sunblock even with makeup on.

Just make sure you spritz approximately 5-6 inches away and gently dab the product with clean hands.

If you plan to apply this before makeup application, spritz a lot to cover your whole face with eyes close, let it sit for around 5-10 seconds before you open your eyes just to make sure you won't hurt your eyes.  Gently dab and let the product seep EVENLY onto your skin.  Make sure your skin is dry before you start applying makeup.

It is a bit tricky to use at first few tries, but once you get the hang of it, you'll find this to be the chioce to pick especially when you're in a hurry!  Just keep in mind NOT TO OPEN your eyes immediately and you're good to go.  Thankfully, with the safe ingredients The Body Shop use, I don't have any allergic reactions to this even after using this for almost a month!

Have you tried any Skin Defence products from The Body Shop?
Do you want to try this spritz bottle Multi-Protection Face Mist?

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