Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Cloud Cosmetics Powder Blush Review

Inexpensive powder blush that makes you blushing so naturally?
I've found it in Cloud Cosmetics.  I was impressed when I did unboxing on #AMWIGstories but I am even more impressed after using all 3 for the past week.  It is worth every single centavo!

a photo of Cloud Cosmetics Powder Blush Review

Cloud Cosmetics Powder Blush
Available in shades: Satin Coral, Matte Rose and Shimmer Pink
Available HERE
A compact powder blush formulated with natural kaolin clay which helps absorb oil and antioxidants to keep skin protected from daily use. With our signature PolyCloud technology that uses soft-focus powder for a diffused, seamless, airbrush effect on skin. Long-wearing and comfortable, texture feels so light like you have nothing on.
Paraben-free, Fragrance-free, Non-toxic. Non-comedogenic. Suitable for all skin types and all shades are universally flattering.
Thankfully, I was able to get all 3 shades to try and I swatched them for you at the back of my hand and will share at the end of this post my favorite shade by wearing it!  Ready? 

Satin Coral

a photo of Cloud Cosmetics Powder Blush Review

Matte Rose 

a photo of Cloud Cosmetics Powder Blush Review

Shimmer Pink

a photo of Cloud Cosmetics Powder Blush Review

Satin Coral is a close version of Nars Orgasm but less pigmented.  It is the most natural-looking blush out of the 3 and if you are going for a natural-flush look, this is the shade you must choose.

Matte Rose is very nice on all skintone, whether you have fair or dark complexion, this works so fine! 

Shimmer Pink is the only shimmery blush out of the 3.  This is a great blush to use if you want to look youthful! 

a swatch photo of Cloud Cosmetics Powder Blush Review in Satin Coral Matte Rose and Shimmer pink

The powder has creamy soft formula and a little goes a long way!  You won't make a mistake at all during application as the effect will come out even and natural-looking.  Even the matte shade does not appear powdery matte, instead, it looks very soft and natural like your natural flush!

I love to use my favorite small blush brush in application and blending it with circular motion going towards my temple.  After using these 3 for the past week, I can stay that longevity is quite alright, just like regular powder blush, they last for approximately 4 hours (minimum) and may stay longer if you have dry skin or normal skin!

Are you ready to know my favorite shade of all?  What was your guess? (Comment below!)


Satin Coral is my ultimate go-to blush shade even for no makeup makeup look!

a photo of Cloud Cosmetics Powder Blush Review

What's your favorite shade out of the 3?
Have you tried Cloud Cosmetics?

For more information, visit https://www.cloudcosmetics.ph

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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