Sunday, June 23, 2019

Have a Moment of Serenitea

After my Taiwan trip, I told myself to hold off milk tea for a month or more!  I mean, I've been drinking 2-3 different brands of Milk Tea during our short stay in Taipei, my blood was literally made of milk tea so that said, I was a good girl here in the Philippines not until I saw something new from Serenitea.

I mean, milk tea lovers, these are totally different from the  Milk Tea we know!

The new addition to Serenitea are cake inspired beverages.  They are thicker, creamier and obviously MORE SINFUL - but worth every single calorie - I'll just do more boxing sessions! 

Because I can't decide which drink to try first, I just went for the lazy route and ordered ALL 3 on the poster!  I was with my family that day so it was a great "try mo ito, try mo ito" session!

Cookie Brulee Milk Tea
M: Php 120/L: Php 135
The original milk tea added with a layer of choco cookie custard.  This is my favorite because I always like my drinks simple!  I love how it has extra ice cubes on top making this drink cooler than the other 2.  Yes, just like cakes, they don't get really "cold" as compared to other cold drinks because there were a lot in there!  But once mixed together, everything makes sense!

Cookie Supreme Matcha
M: Php 175/L: Php 190
Now Matcha lovers, brace yourself, this is a perfect Matcha drink as it isn't bitter but you can still taste the Matcha taste you are craving for.  The Choco Cookie Custard that is thick makes the drink extremely flavorful!  I originally thought the Matcha taste will be overpowered by the other ingredients but it wasn't that way!  My sister in law who loves Matcha drinks took this out from my hand and just drank away!

 Cookie Supreme Milk Tea
M: Php 155/L: Php 170
Same as Cookie Brulee, this came with a salty taste as a final ooomph.  If like me, on days you want something not too sweet, go for this drink!  It has a nice crunch on every sip because of the choco cookie frost!

Overall, I am impressed with this new drinks.  I opted for 50% sugar just because I"m not a fan of sugary drinks, I would dry 25% next time but hey!  This is definitely a must-try!  I thought I'll just take a sip just to give them a try but no, I actually drank most of it because I seriously love them so much! 

Just in case you wanted more than 3 options?  Well Serenitea delivers, they have 2 more options not on poster (thank God!  Or else I would've ordered them all!) 

Other variants are ---
Traditional Milk Tea (M: Php95/L: Php105)
Cookie Brulee Matcha (M: Php140/l: Php:155)

Available in all Serenitea branches nationwide starting June 15, 2019.

Have you tried these newest drinks from Serenitea?
What are your thoughts?  Are you sticking to regular ones or are you game to try on these cake flavored drinks?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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