Saturday, June 22, 2019

Welcome Inkigayo Sandwich! #IdolSandwich

They say sandwiches are the best snacks in the world.


I treat them not only as snacks but sometimes as my breakfast, lunch and dinner!  On days I go from one event/meetings to another stuck in between traffic, having a sandwich inside my car is a must as I master the art of biting in between red light!

So when I heard about the buzz about Inkigayo Sandwiches (by which I already knew about them by watching a lot of food reviews on Youtube).  I told myself I had to see what the buzz is all about since a lot of KPOP idols are talking about them on their social media accounts!

The SBS Inkigayo Sandwich gained its popularity to KPOP fans because many KPOP artists shared their story about discovering the sandwich in between music show called "Inkigayo" (that is where Inkigayo sandwich name came about!) 

And there's a cute story behind it on how people inside the building would remove one side of the plastic and slip their phone number to give it to other KPOP idols and staffs (talk about smooth operator moves!)

Now think about it, if you are a KPOP fan, what is the closest thing you can do to be "close" to your idols?  Eat what they love to eat!  And I am not surprised how during the launch, I saw a lot of KPOP fans lining up to try this famous Inkigayo Sandwich!

What's inside an Inkigayo sandwich just in case you want to know what you're eating?

Aside from the soft bread, inside, you have Coleslow, Strawberry Jam, Egg salad and Kani Salad!  Sounds weird but every single matter once you take a bite!  I would say it was a full explosion inside your mouth, it takes time for me to get used to it, but I get why people loved it!  They are filling and healthy!

Photo by: Ryan Ong

Now, if you want to give it a try the most awaited Inkigayo Sandwich, visit their pop up store at Robinson's Ermita this coming June 24 at 12nn! 


Let's Kill This Sandwhich (in a tune of Kill This Love)

For more information follow SBS Inkigayo Sandwich on Facebook  and Instagram.

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