Thursday, June 27, 2019

Innisfree Opens 3rd Store at SM North EDSA

I felt the connection between me and Innisfree for so many reasons.

1. Had a great first time encounter inside Innisfree store at Myeongdong Korea EONS ago! (Way before Instagram was even famous!) Filled up my luggage with loads of Innisfree items because I'm a hoarder like that!
2. Was there during the FIRST Store opening of Innisfree at SM Mall Of Asia.  I literally had goosebumps because I was waiting for this moment for too long!
3. During the SECOND Store opening at SM Megamall, I was there with Beauty Blogger friends to learn about Glass Skin technique!  I've been doing a lot of the things I learned and some of you commented how great my skin look even on IG Stories!  (Why thank you!)

And here I am, doing another entry because I was invited to be part of their 3rd store opening at SM North EDSA (the closest branch to me!).  Thank you Innisfree Philippines for always having AskMeWhats in such milestones! 

Here I am, doing that kilig look wearing a yellow Eco-Hankie as my headband!  And you'd think I've got nothing more to say because this is a Third Store Opening.  Guys, you don't know me really! 

I went around the store taking everything in, asking questions and the friendly SAs where there to really explain everything!  What's special this season with Innisfree?

The Innisfree Eco-Hankie Campaign!

The Eco-Hankie Campaign is innisfree’s annual green life campaign since 2010.  It encourages people to use eco-friendly handkerchiefs to help lessen the use of disposable paper tissues.

This year’s campaign theme, “I Play Green. I Like Me.” focuses on joyful moments of PlayGreeners who feel happy & proud of themselves for doing good deeds in their daily actions. It aims to show that Playing Green is not just another boring & difficult environment  campaign. It’s easy, fun, cool; something you’d want to share to your friends.

How to get the same Eco-Hankie I've been using for the past week?

With a purchase of ANY Limited Edition Eco-Hankie products (you won't miss them as they are colorful and have a cute character printed), you will get a FREE Eco-Hankie.  Designs will be distributed at random so buy more to get all 3 designs!

Get ONE Eco Hankie when you purchase the following:

  • One 2019 Eco-Hankie Green Tea Balancing Lotion EX 
  • One 2019 Eco-Hankie Green Tea Seed Serum Limited Size
  • One 2019 Eco-Hankie Green Tea Blanacing Sskin EX Jumbo-sized 
  • One 2019 Eco-Hankie My Makeup Cleanser Micellar Water
  • Two Eco-Hankie Green Tea Lip Balms

Now if like me, you have a crush on these Tote Bags, you can start walking around the store and shop for ANY Innisfree items worth Php4,000 single receipt and pick between Blue, Yellow or Green!

Innisfree SM North EDSA branch isn't as huge as SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia's but, you still have that same "spacious" and bright-feel you see in ALL Innisfree stores!

For this particular post, I've checked with Innisfree SAs on the newest Innisfree items to watch out for because I love new items like that!

My Palette Looks Eyeshadow Palettes
These caught my attention because when you're in a rut, you get inspiration and this corner gave me inspiration to play around my my eye makeup looks!  I've always been inspired to learn how to do Korean makeup because they appear fresh, natural-looking no matter what shades or colors they use!

A closer look, I am so in love with Tender Apricot!

And, I also checked out their newest brow product called Innisfree Two Tone Eyebrow Set (php490.00).  They seem to be just like regular eyebrow powder sets, but there's something unique that comes with these!

Available in 2 shades - 01 and 02
01 is perfect for those with brown hair
02 is perfect for those with dark hair

But overall, feel free to mix and match or better yet, test them both out!

You can purchase the Easy Stamping Brow tool (php550.00) separately because this will save you TIME in trying to fill in and draw your brows.  It will take a bit of effort and practice at first but you'll get the hang of it!

Then, they also have lip and cheek product called AIRY!  These Airy powdered pigment are amazing!  Comes in 3 bright shades and very easy to wear!  You can apply them gently for that natural flush or apply more for definition.  I also like to apply these at the center of my lips for that nice gradient look!

Then they also have well-displayed blush, contour, highlight and other powdered products in which you can customize and purchase this magnetic palette!  Cool right?

Congratulations Innisfree Philippines!  I really love supporting brands that does not only make us feel and look beautiful but make the world a better place to live in!

Have you visited the newest Innisfree Store?
What's your favorite Eco-Hankie color?

Mine is Yellow!  I've been using it a lot!

For more updates on events and promos, stay tuned to Innisfree’s official Facebook page
and Instagram.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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