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A Guide to Shopping at Innisfree SM Mall of Asia

Rewind to several years ago, I was in Myeondong Innisfree store hoarding on their Apple-scented Cleansing Oils and a couple of makeup items (concealers, mascaras, etc...)

Those where the days my ever-supportive hubby would say: "Go lang!  Purchase a lot because you need to stock up!"

Who would've thought after all the brands are starting to arrive in Manila, the most sought after brand Innisfree is finally here?

I literally had to pinch myself when I first laid my eyes on the First Innisfree store at SM Mall of Asia Level 1 Main Atrium.  It was surreal as it looks almost the same as the big store I visited last year in Myeongdong.

I know!  I know the feeling of panic so I've finally came up with a "guide" on how to keep yourself focused in picking the right Innisfree products for you!

First stop, check out the BESTSELLER section of the brand.  The Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2X which was sworn to be effective not only by women but also by men!  This  is a 10-in-1 clay mask is formulated with Jeju Volcanic Cluster SphereTM that features twice more powerful adherence to sebum for intensive pore care

Thankfully, the Innisfree store is like a "museum" of skincare products.  You can immediately see the products well-displayed and categorized based on the specific needs of your skin.  And yes, that is how you purchase skincare products, you have to know your skin and its' needs before you start hoarding.

If you are aiming for hydration, give their bestselling Green Tea line a try!

The Green Tea Seed Serum is a must-try especially for our weather because this serum gets absorbed in 3 seconds and you can immediately apply makeup!

If like me, you are aiming for Anti-Aging, go for Black Green Tea line.  This line contains powerful anti-oxidant effect of Jeju black green-tea that nourishes your skin for a clear and firm skin.

Feel free to click photo to see the price points.  I find that the price points locally isn't bad as compared to the price in Korea!

Now, if like me, hydration AND anti-aging are non-negotiable, go for Plumpling Hydration line which includes Moisture-Volumizing products.   These products does not only hydrate using skin-loving minerals, it also keeps your skin plump and youthful looking.

I have been meaning to try Moisture-Volumizing Serum with Lava Seawater which is a water-light serum that can help skin feels intensely hydrated with Jeju Volcanic Seawater.  Lines and wrinkles are said to appear visibly reduced with constant use.

During the event, Innisfree highlighted the Jeju Orchid Skin Care line housed in a nice lilac colored packaging.  This is the skincare line from the brand I am most inclined to because this set is formulated with the vitality of Jeju orchid for wrinkle correction which is a powerful anti-aging skin care line!  Aside from that, not only girls who are older can use this set, instead, this line also helps correct skin tone, create skin elasticity, helps in hydration and pore care!  Now that's multi-tasking!

I tested out the product and loved the scent and texture.  It is highly hydrating and I believe this is the best product to use before makeup application especially if your skin tends to be dry and flaky.

Then, I saw the familiar display of Capsule Recipe Packs.  I know facial mask sheets are the "in thing" as of the moment, but if you want complete facial regimen, adding mask pack is a great way to really target your skin issues.  Capsule Recipe Packs are housed in a small tub for convenience.  All you need to do is the open the mask, gently massage the product onto your face with circular motion, leave it for a couple of minutes and wash off!  

This pack is also perfect for travel!  

AMW Tip: I tend to leave my full skincare products at home and rely on mask sheets and mask packs when I travel because I can easily throw them away without the need to lug heavy skin care products.

Innisfree Second Skin Masks and Skin Reset Peeling Masks

After you're done shopping for skincare products, feel free to drop by the makeup counters which isn't hard to spot because everything was displayed in a very organized manner.

Innisfree My To Go Cushion and My To Go Foundations.
What I love about this brand is how "almost professional" they are in terms of shade variety and texture choices!  They have various finishes for different skin issues - they offer matte foundations, semi matte and glow which caters dry, normal and oily skin users!

And there's the best part, for a Korean skincare and makeup line, I am amazed with their color choices and they actually have shades for Filipinas who has dark skin!  That's a huge YAY!

And of course, if we talk about Innisfree makeup, you cannot pass by the No-Sebum Blur Line without picking an item or 2.  The most sought after No Sebum Mineral Powder was on the basket of almost everyone during my shopping trip!  

P.S. You all know my skin type, I took sunblock instead and can't wait to share you my thoughts about this.

One makeup item that I really look forward to try is the Innisfree Smart Drawing line.  These are correctors, concealers, highlighter and contour product in a tube and don't you just love the packaging and the colors?

Then I passed by the eyeliner area because I cannot go out without at least lining my eyes.  From pen-type Gel liner to Powerproof Pen Liner, Powerproof Brush Liner, Skinny Microliner and a whole lot more!

I know this area may be somewhat uninteresting for you since you could be all about makeup and skincare, but for a nail polish lover that I am, this is a dream collection for me!  Check out the wonderful nude shades and a whole lot of colorful and glittery polishes!

And just when you thought you're done shopping, they also have a Fragrance bar.

This is my favorite scent from the bunch --- Camellia In Green Tea while my mom would love Jasmine in Green Tea!

Then there's a whole bunch of Body Lotion to keep the rest of our body hydrated.  Kudos Innisfree for the pump packaging!

And just when you thought I'm done shopping, I saved the best for last.  You all know how much of a "hair gal" I am so I actually took the longest time at their Hair section.

I went crazy reading each product.  From Shampoos to conditioners to hair treatment, hair treatment spray and even overnight treatment!  Can you guess what I got?

Moisturizing Line is what I went for and I'll share to you what I got soon after trying it out!

And lastly, it is the Holiday season, after shopping for yourself, don't you want to make other people happy too? 

Innisfree offers limited edition Christmas sets housed in a very cute box and you don't need to wrap them anymore!

During the launch, this statement from Stephen Lee, Brand General Manager of Innisfree, Amorepacific Philippines struck me: "In today’s culture, Filipinos are naturally drawn to Korean influences, especially the K-beauty skincare regimen.  With our brand, we are excited to offer our Pinoy consumers skincare with quality selection of products and green sustainable practices. We are also committed to expanding and establishing a long-term presence here.”

True enough, the product offerings are not only great for our body but with the Green Philosophy, the brand promises to preserve and protect nature by taking the time to give back to the Earth through collective activations and campaigns throughout the years. 

Which particular Innisfree item is part of your Holiday wishlist?

For more updates on events and promos, stay tuned to Innisfree’s official Facebook page , Follow them on Instagram and website

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  2. I was able to find good advice from your blog articles.

  3. Hi po! I recently discovered your blog and it looks promising! Your entries are informative and and really helpful 💖💖

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    1. so far, I didn't see any na nasa sachets, minsan kasi may chance na they were offered or given out in Korea but not locally pa, let's wait and see na lang :D

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