Saturday, December 1, 2018

My BDJ 2019 Picks

The year 2018 is coming to an end, today December 1st marks the start of my quest for 2019 Planner.  You all know I'm a planner girl and I love to write!  So choosing a notebook and planner for a FULL year is a serious business *laughs*

So now, what you're seeing on the table (photo below) is my armor in breezing 2019 with positivity.

I am so excited I finally got my hands on BDJ accessories (stamps).  

  • 2019 Essentials Planner (Php380.00) - I picked this one in Classic because I like them simple.  I picked this because it comes with Dotted Weekly pages and Dotted Notes pages which is ideal for bullet journaling.  
  • Quest Journal Medium in Rose (Php480.00) - loving the shade choices and it took me some time to finally go for this shade.  This will be used for my PR work and will also hail this as my 2019 ideas notebook!  Just so you know, aside from the quality of the paper that makes me happy, I love the added PVC pocket and card holder included. This can also be a perfect Christmas Gift for friends and loved ones because you can personalize this.
  • BDJ Clear Stamp Set (Php320.00) - with various designs, pick one that works for you.  I will be using these for my journaling and will look for colored ink to keep me happy all-year-round!

So you've seen my armour for the coming year.

What's yours?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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