Sunday, December 2, 2018

Wrapping Up My Week + Mini Rant

Disclaimer: Please spare me for the low quality photos as I just uploaded these photos straight from my phone.  

I think my week was fruitful (same as every week) but for some reason, I want to wrap my my week with good and bad experiences. 

If you are a long-time reader of my blog, you probably knew  how I almost NEVER rant, I am an extremely positive person and I guess that's the reason why I was able to get away with life's stresses with a smile on my face.  But of course, life is not always golden, there are good and bad days and in my case, my day wasn't bad, someone's day was bad maybe.

The highlight of my week is a simple me time with a hair treatment at Teng Roma Salon, S Maison.  I have very dry and sensitized hair, so the  Kérastase Discipline Oléo-Relax treatment + relaxing massage that I got was a great gift to me by God!  Thank you Lord for giving me the extra 1 hour while my son happily plays at the nearby play area.

Update: 5 days after, my hair is still soft and tangle-free, even #yayatab noticed how smooth my hair looks.

After a quick hair session, I treated myself and Kyle BLK 513 Greek Yogurt!  

Then we had a bathroom selfie just because we love taking photos for future reference.  Hay, Kyle has grown so much na!  I don't have a baby anymore!

Now here's the highlight of my day, well not really!  Hahaha
We dined at Uma Uma around 4:30pm for snack before we head home.  It wasn't a first because we dined in this restaurant several times within the year so I am quite comfortable and confident that I'll get good service and food.

Now, let me get this straight, food wasn't bad, but the server, for some reason wasn't in the mood to do his job that day!  I don't need to write a review on their food as I've written one way back (feel free to search Uma Uma on my blog's search box).

There were only 3 occupied tables, and 1 table is almost done with their food so there's only 2 tables for them to work on!  I ordered first, I went for Ramen and Dry noodles.  I specifically told the server I wanted them to remove SESAME seeds on ALL my orders and even requested to separate the bamboo shoots because this will be Kyle's snack (NOTE: Kyle is allergic to sesame seeds, his nose bleeds nonstop - yes, I told that to the server.)

Then we were served THIS.

I'm not the type who makes a scene, so I let it slide and took the dish for myself instead and give Kyle the Ramen instead.  I was in a hurry to eat and head back home as I don't want to get stuck in traffic.

Then, I can't give Kyle RAMEN because they put the chili sauce on TOP of RAMEN, I read the menu over and over again and it wasn't stated that the soup will be spicy (that's the reason why I ordered this because nobody eats spicy food in our table!) 

Again, I let it slide because I just came out from a nice salon visit I don't want to bother.  

Then during our meal, the server kept on bringing in more dishes putting it on our table which we didn't order, turns out, it was the order of the family next to our table.  He does it on EVERY SINGLE dish I wonder what's wrong with him.

Anyways, I am writing this down not to ruin anyone's day - that's one major reason I didn't even get his name or even bother to get mad at him.  I just wish restaurant owners would train their staffs to take their jobs seriously and to love their job because not everybody gets the opportunity to work in a nice restaurant like Uma Uma.

Hay, yon lang, I just had to let it out!  But yeah, didn't make a scene as I'm not the type!

How was your week?

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!

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