Saturday, July 27, 2019

Kyle's Pambaon

I plan Kyle's snacks and lunch every weekend.  I have a full sheet to cover Mondays to Fridays and I can't believe I have a grade schooler!  

I know, I'm still on lala-land thinking I still have a baby but I seriously have a 6-year old Grade 1 student who goes to school at 7:20am and leaves the class at 3:00pm.  The first few weeks was the hardest #SepanxHits but as days and weeks go by, I find myself coming into terms.  I just have to make it visible for Kyle that I still think about him through the "baon" I prepare for him!

Thankful with the new O-Gurt from Oishi!  Kyle comes home telling me how much he enjoys his morning snack time with his favorite Bread Pan cookies!

I tasted them all, it has to pass my taste before I pass it down to my son!  Thankful that all of these 4 variants tastes great!  Kyle's favorite is Strawberry while I always reach out for Original Flavor!

Yes, school is difficult as it is, let's make the rest of his day fun and exciting!
This is definitely part of the "rotation-baon" planned out for Kyle.

What's yours?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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